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10 Most Famous TikTokers With More Than 30 Million Followers

Tik Tok is a viral video app that is severely popular among Gen Z. Initially, it was called but changed its name after ByteDance acquired it and merged it into Tik Tok. Here users can create anything that may please the viewers and go viral in an instant. Some of the most famous tiktokers have 10s of millions of followers.

Tiktokers can gain fame by creating short video clips that show off dance moves, lip-synching to different sounds, or some acting routine. This practice is getting popular by the second. It has also influenced many viewers resulting in an increase in a huge user base from diverse social backgrounds.

The following listicle may give an idea into what it may require to be included in the list of most famous TikTokers.

List of 10 Most Famous TikTokers

Popular figures on Tik Tok are like megastars for their teenage fans. Just like the tiktokers, majority of their followers also belong to Gen Z who are exposed to all parts of the internet with an ability to trend anything they want. Tiktokers influence wide ranging content for the masses that could generate long lasting engagement regarding business or entertainment. Here are the influencers that have most followers on tik tok in the world.

Faisal Sheikh – 31.7 Million


Work hangover😂🙌🏻 #faisusquad @rockstarlokhandwala

♬ original sound – Faisal shaikh

Faisal Sheikh AKA Mr Faisu is part of an Indian team of creators who have named themselves as Team 07. His account was suspended in 2019 by Indian Government for condemning the attack on Tebrez Ansari who died after brutal beat down by Hindu extremists and then forced to chant Hindu slogans. Two other members of Team 07, Hasnain Khan and Shadan Farooqui also had their tik tok accounts suspended. When he returned in early 2020, he continued to make videos and maintained his position as India’s most popular tiktoker.

Baby Ariel – 34.4 Million


handcuffed to my ex for 24 hours check @zachclayton

♬ original sound – BabyAriel

Her real name is Ariel Rebecca Martin and Forbes named her as one of the best entertainment influencers. Time Magazine has also recognized her as the most influential person on social media. Ariel is an American singer and actress who started her social media career in 2015 and already had a massive following when the app was called She was the first person to cross the 20 Million followers mark on No wonder, why her name is in the list of the most famous TikTokers.

She started anti-bullying campaign on her Tik Tok account which became successful instantly. She has also launched a movement against trolling to raise her voice against people with negative energies on the internet. It is few of many reasons for which she has gained a lot of love from the viewers. Her illustrious tik tok fame gave her many gigs at big channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. 

Michael Le – 34.6 Million


blooper from our skit😭😂 @itsjonathanle @spencerx

♬ original sound – Michael Le

Michael Le is a passionate dancer and choreographer from USA who loves to showcase his talent to the world. He runs a blog in which he shares his experiences in life as a dancer. His video #AhiChallenge has most likes on the app (25 million+) which could make it the best tik tok in the world ever made.

In that video he was dancing on the escalator with his little brother and challenged others to dance in the same way. He also uploads dance tutorial videos on his Youtube channel where he has more than 300,000 subscribers.

Spencer X – 38.6 Million


Triple hot sauce beatbox 🗣🔥🌶🥵

♬ original sound – Spencer X

Spencer Knight is an American beatboxer who entertains his followers by making different sounds from his mouth that mimic the musical beat. His other talents like producing original tracks and making comical sketches are also loved by the millions. He used to join tours of different bands and singers before turning pro with the help of Sponsorship from Monster Energy Drink. He collaborated with huge artists in his career like Sean Kingston, Alicia Keys, and Marshmello.

Riyaz – 43.1 Million

17-year-old Riyaz Afreen is a popular TikTok model and lip-syncs star from Bhutan. A majority of the Indian viewers loved his content which has changed after TikTok was banned in India. Reportedly, he makes videos in his spare time because his prime focus is studying at the moment. Even now, his clean looks and funky hairstyles have made him the heartthrob of girls all around India. Good news for those girls, he is still single.

TikTok – 44.1 Million


is that a bird? a plane? no! it’s the new #greenscreensky creative effect!

♬ original sound – TikTok

TikTok is currently the most downloaded app of 2020 considering how traumatic the year was. Despite allowing a countless numbers of amusers to exhibit their talent, the app plays a significant role itself. They post videos of different categories on the company account. Their videos might help potential influencers to go through the fundamentals of creativity. They can see all sorts of filters, sound and music libraries, special effect options, and special stuff with meme potential. The account also helps in user and viewer engagement by acting like a TikTok user itself. The app keeps its users informed about the latest updates and new features in a cool short video. So TikTok itself is also among one of the most famous Tiktokers in the world.

Loren Gray – 45.7 Million


my food said ➡️↙️⬅️↘️↗️🔀🔁

♬ TKN – ROSALÍA & Travis Scott

Loren Gray is a singer and social media personality from USA who has a huge fanbase on YouTube and Instagram as well. 18 year old Loren joined TikTok when she was in 6th grade. For that she has received a lot of criticism from her school friends. However, she detached herself from toxicity and continued her astonishing journey on TikTok. She went on to be nominated for the Teen Choice Awards and signed as a singer by Virgin Records. She released her debut song titled My Story.

Zach King – 46.1 Million

American, Zachary Michael King is a popular Internet personality known for filmmaking and creating illusions. He started by making tutorial videos for Final Cut Pro, a video editing software. He created different illusion videos like picking up Eiffel tower or turning a balloon into the cap.

He calls his videos “digital sleight of hand”, a nod to the professional illusionists who do this on the stage. His first ever video on TikTok showed him escaping a prisoner’s cell in jail and instantly made him a superstar for tik tok viewers.

Addison Rae – 51.5 Million

American dancer Addison Rae Easterling is literally an overnight sensation on tiktok. She just posted a video with her friend as a joke and it instantly got more than 90,000 likes which inspired her to keep using the platform. When she introduced her mother in the videos, her account blew up with likes, views, and followers. She has been dancing competitively from the age of 6 and briefly studied sports broadcasting. Her original plans were becoming a sports broadcaster. 

She has been a part of one collaborative group called The Hype House that features many tiktokers based in Los Angeles. She became the second most followed personality on tik tok within one year.

Charli d’amelio – 72.9 Million

Another member of Hype House, Charli D’Amelio is officially the most famous person on TikTok. This 16-year-old firework joined the app in 2019 and skyrocketed herself to the top of the ladder in a matter of months. Her content involves choreographed dances on popular songs. She mostly films her videos in ordinary spots like her bedroom. This is one of the reasons why people love her so much.

Her TikTok popularity led her to dance with the likes of the Jonas Brothers. He appeared a guest on The Tonight Show and worked as a voice artist in animated movie, StarDog and TurboCat (2019).

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