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Fans Angry Over Actors Stealing Limelight on FIFA Trophy’s Tour to Pakistan

February 3, 2018, was a historic day when FIFA world cup trophy was unveiled in Pakistan. The FIFA Trophy’s Tour to Pakistan was a part of its journey of 51 countries and 92 cities of the world.

While the arrival of world cup trophy was a good omen for football in Pakistan, the event went controversial and gave rise to debate.

Celebrities Stealing the Limelight

FIFA trophy’s tour to Pakistan was considered a fortunate event to boost the football in Pakistan. Ironically, footballers didn’t get even a bit of attention on that day, as showbiz celebrities steal the limelight.

Superstars like Mahira Khan, Momina Mustehsan, Qurat ul Ain Baloch, along with ex Pakistani cricketer Younis Khan and Pakistan’s women football team captain Hajra Khan went to receive the trophy in Thailand. The FIFA trophy came to Pakistan on the chartered jet on February 3.

FIFA Trophy’s Tour to Pakistan and Social Media Reaction

On January 11, when the news broke out about Football world cup trophy coming to Pakistan, football fans became excited. But, not seeing the footballers getting any attention disappointed them.

The outraged fans are using the Twitter to raise their voice against the discrimination to football players and giving unnecessary importance to the showbiz stars.

The fans made the hashtag #StandUpForGreenBlazors a top trend on Twitter in Pakistan.

Here is what they have to say on this occasion.

Footballers Deserve Respect

A Twitter user lamented the fact that actors and Tv stars hijacked the limelight that was right of footballers on the eve of FIFA Trophy’s Tour to Pakistan. He opined that nobody would respect our players until we don’t recognize them.

A woman football player Abiha Haider, asked where were the men and women football players who deserved this once in a lifetime moment to be recognized.

Twitter users also posted the pictures of Pakistani footballers playing in the field and opined that instead of actresses, these were the real heroines who should have received attention on FIFA Trophy’s tour to Pakistan.

Outraged football fans, shared the pictures of TV stars, posing for selfies in their glitzy wears and questioned if that was some star-studded award ceremony or a real sports event.

Time to Stand up For Football Players

Pakistan is a hub of cricket, but still, a significant portion of its youth is a diehard football fan. The country had got an opportunity to get recognition for its footballers in the form of FIFA Trophy’s tour to Pakistan. But, it seems that event was of no use as these were the singers and actors who remained prominent rather than footballers.

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