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Fans Are Questioning the Starbucks Cup in Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones episode 4, there was a scene when all the characters were gathered and celebrating the victory over Knight King at Winterfell. At a certain point during the celebration, a Starbucks cup appeared to pop up in background leaving the fans curious.

Was that A Starbucks Cup in the Scene?

The Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows to have aired. It has an estimated 17.6 million viewership all over the world. So it’s very hard for something unusual to pass unnoticed.

The presence of  what appears to be a  Starbucks cup in the background is shockingly leading some to question whether  the production team was taking the filming seriously or not

Normally the prescience of such things during a shoot is prohibited as spillage and other accidents may damage or even destroy the props or set. To some the presence of the cup indicates that certain people may carry more seniority as compared to others.

Made The Stressed Out People Laugh

People who had the blues and were stressed out due to any reason had a good dose of laughter after they saw the coffee cup in the background. It just reminded them that there was nothing perfect in the world.

Despite many claiming to have seen the coffee cup appear in the background, there are still those who failed to notice.

The presence of the cup in the Scene Is a Clear Give Away of How Seriously People took Their Jobs.

The coffee cup has become an overnight celebrity it has been offered roles in other movies as well claim some fans.

The level of interest people have shown in the cup is amazing. They are asking for nothing less than the history of this cup.

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