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Are Farhan Saeed And Urwa Hocane Actually Separated?

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane make one of the most beloved celebrity couples in Pakistan. Recently, the rumors of their separation made to social media making people raise questions if couple goals actually were something or not.

The couple tied the knot in 2016 in a grand wedding ceremony that made highlights. Now after almost four years the news of their probable divorce is getting hype leaving people in shock and in denial of anything which can be true love.

Both of them appeared to be madly in love in front of fans. Many believed that these two were made for each other. Unfortunately, it was not the case which is why their fans cannot stop expressing their devastation.

Fans Shocked At Farhan Saeed And Urwa Hocane Separation News

Recently there have been few divorces of Pakistani celebrities that have hurt film and drama fans. Syra Yousaf and Shehroz Sabzwari were one of them. Now, Farhan and Urwa have also been added to the list.

It was Farhan’s proposal to Urwa which melted fans heart for this couple. They even enjoyed a massive wedding. For fans, it was one of those textbook love stories so it saddens them to see it end as well.

Apparently, the couple appeared to be normal on the media and the problems were not visible to the fans. They were happy and seemed to enjoy each other’s company after 3 years and things were alright. It was still the news arrived and showed that they weren’t

Fans noted that Urwa just posted pictures on Instagram yesterday and Farhan liked so the news must be fake. They wanted the couple to deny the separation news quickly but they hadn’t yet.

Now fans remembers those moments when they used to hold Farhan and Urwa as a measuring stick for other couples. It was definitely a mistake because each couple is supposed to plan their own goals

Some were respectful towards the couple as there could be a serious issue related to their alleged separation. They told others to stay calm and not curse love because their separation does not mean that there was no love between them for three years

What Is Happening Between Urwa and Farhan?

Currently, the reports talk about their possible separation and do not specify the exact reason. Some other sources revealed that there was tension mounting between the two for some time which led to irreconcilable differences.

Untill now, no official statement has come from any of the celebrity but there are rumors that this news could be a publicity stunt to promote an upcoming movie.

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