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Farmer’s Killing in Lahore by Police during Protest Causes Outrage

A farmer’s killing in Lahore at the hand of the police during the protest has sparked outrage against the government. The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday when farmers were protesting against the lower prices of wheat and sugar cane paid to them. The price hike of these commodities that affected the end-consumers probably couldn’t provide a considerable gain to farmers and only made industrialists and middlemen better off.

Who Is Responsible for Farmer’s Killing in Lahore?

A few months back, people praised Karachi police for foiling a terrorist attack on the stock exchange. Today, the police took an action that made people despise them.

The protesters demanded from the government to resolve their issues by increasing the prices of the items they had mentioned or to take measures to ensure that farmers also reaped the benefits of the price hike. In doing so, they gathered near Thokar Niaz Baig, Multan Road Lahore, and caused a traffic jam. However, they supposedly did not cause any damage, as they were protesting peacefully. 

In addition to the context, the police arrived and gave orders to throw chemically mixed water at the protesting farmer crowd to teach them a lesson. The contaminated water brutally injured an innocent man. 

The name of the deceased was Malik Ashfaq Langriyal who stayed unconscious for a whole day and died due to injuries caused by teargas and chemically contaminated water. 

Criticism of Lahore Police

The remarks of CCPO Lahore Umer Sheikh after the motorway incident had irked the people and they demanded the removal of the officer. Now when another cop has ordered the throwing of hazardous water on protesters that resulted in the killing of a farmer. Now people are again criticizing Lahore Police for using means of force to disperse the protesters that resulted in a farmer’s killing.

Outrage on Social Media

People are angry since they don’t find it convenient that the protectors of the country become the offenders. This outrageous citizen has stated that the government was nothing but a stain on the name of Islam.

Hamid Mir, a Renowned journalist, and author also favored the farmers. He despised police by saying this was utter cruelty that a police officer was giving orders to hurt innocent farmers who are raising voice for their rights.

As per different views, there is an urgent need to provide justice to those who did not deserve the cruelty and torture that police inflicted. People claimed that they have the right to speak against the wrong and demand for their rights. 

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