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Faryal Mehmood Shares More Bold Pictures to Clap Back at Trolls

When it comes to celebrities or any update, related to their personal or private lives, fans or the general public take this opportunity to share their views; which can often be negative. Just like Faryal Mehmood, a Pakistani actress and model became the victim of criticism, negative comments, and mockery when she posted her bold pictures on social media. However, she did not respond in any way a common person would do; instead, she uploaded even bolder and revealing pictures as a response. 

Faryal Mehmood Trolls The Trollers 

After receiving massive negativity from people who disliked her boldness, Faryal Mehmood uploaded her pictures in which she revealed her almost naked back. She stated that the pictures were especially to trigger the same critics.

Supposedly, her too revealing pictures are a way to give a shut-up call to her alleged haters or the ones who are fond of being nosy in celebrity’s lives. 

Folks Bashing Celebrities For Their Looks

Faryal Mehmood isn’t the only one to experience fans’ negative responses. Many admirers as well as haters of celebrities try to comment or disparage their personal life. For instance, a few months back, social media crawlers trolled Fahad Mustafa because he posted his pictures in boxers. 

Many fans picture their favorite celebrity according to their fictional characters. Like how the admirers of Turkish drama, Ertugrul, assumed Esra Bilgic would be just like her drama character, Halime Sultan. When she posted her bold pictures, Pakistani Muslims went crazy over the fact that she was a bold Turkish actress. 

Correspondingly, after seeing Faryal Mehmood in her dramas like Laal Ishq,  Aap Kay Liye, Daasi, and many more, her fans presumably think of her as one of her drama characters. Thus, her bold snaps might have triggered the bug of morality and appropriateness among Pakistani drama viewers.  

Faryal who is a brilliant actor and dancer doesn’t shy away from posting about her lifestyle. She often shares her dance videos on social media, that often show her in bold attire. However, her viewers are relatively conservative and consider it their duty to impose their notion of modesty on the actress. The vile comments under her pictures on Instagram are just an example of this moral policy. Well, this clap back at the critics by Faryal Mehmood shows that she doesn’t seem willing to change how she dresses up and how her lifestyle choices reflect in her social media appearances, just because the people dont think it to be appropriate enough.

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