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Fawad Chaudhry’s Blunt Response to Mufti Muneeb Wins Him Applause

It is the State vs. clergy situation in Pakistan after government extended lockdown to another two weeks with opening of menufacturing and construction sector. On April 16 when government announced revised SOPs for lockdown Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman gave a statement that mosques will remain open and congregrational prayers will continue. Muft’s statement faced severe criticism on social media since it meant challenging writ of state in the name of religion.

While people from every faction of society are criticizing Mufti Muneeb, Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chauhdry who also happens to be favorite among trolls has come up with a really brilliant answer which is making him get huge applause.

Fawad Chahuhdry Vs. Mufti Muneeb

By responding to Mufti Muneeb’s insensitive statement on keeping the mosques open Fawad tweeted that How Mufti Muneeb who can’t see such a huge moon be expected to see such a small coronavirus.

Well, almost every one who believe that social distancing is the need of the time to prevent spread of coronavirus appreciated Fawad Chauhdry for his response.

Marvi Sirmed who remained center of debate during Aurat March on the eve of international women day thought it to be sensible of Minister of Science and Technology to realize what was crucial at this time.

More people seemed to agree with Fawad Chauhdry.

He apparently recieved applause for getting the jo of trolls done.

Even those who are apparently not his fans are also praising him.

Some more appreciation.

Is It Happenig for the First Time? Not Really

MuftI Muneeb and Fawad Chauhdry stand off is not really new. Last year, when Fawad was given the portfolio of Ministry of Science and Technology he came up with moon sighting app Ruet. Even then Mufti Muneeb had raised the issue on app’s authenticity with respect to Islamic way of sighting the new moon. The conflict had remained center of discussion for weeks to come.

Therefore, people seem to enjoy the stand off.

Usually, Fawad Chauhdry is not favorite among liberals but when it comes to his feud with clregy men likee MuftI Muneeb he always has their back. In other days, his critics remain busy in looking for his old tweets (from the days when he was with other political party) to reminde him about his U-Turns and backtracking of his own statements. He also had to face trolls for saying SPARCO sent Hubble into Space.

Who Is Right Here?

It is necessary to see the gravity of situation. The world is passing through testing times. Coronavirus pandemic has till now taken more than 126,00,000 lives worldwide and infected more than two million people. In such a situation using sanity is the only option. In feud between Mufti Muneeb and Fawad Chauhdry it is really not about individuals but about one who is supporting a right measure. In such cricusmatnces when everyone believes that only social distancing can control the pandemic it is also duty of clerics to not consider the write is state as a conflict with religion (since no one is being stop from praying in isolation).

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