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Dear Fawad Chaudhary! NASA Sent Hubble into Space Not SPARCO

While talking to the host of a TV shows Fawad Chaudhary the minister of science and technology accidentally claimed that Sparco the Pakistani counterpart of NASA sent Hubble telescope into space. Here began an addition to the endless trolls that are targeting the minister since he took charge.

Fawad Chaudhry Getting Trolled on Social Media

While talking to an anchor person on a TV show Fawad Chaudhary in attempt to explain how the government can use different technologies to track the movement of the moon, accredited Sparco for launching Hubble telescope into space.

Many Pakistani reminded the minister of science and technology of the previous achievement made by his party’s government. They asked him to get a grip on reality and think before they speak

So calling Bilawal Sahib and that Germany, Japan fiasco was not enough for Imran Khan that his ministers’ slip of the tongue is now making him face criticism.

Planning To Reintroduce Rohaniyat

Imran Khan in recent speech announced that His government plans to reintroduce spiritual sciences in Pakistan. While giving the speech, he repeatedly fumbled in saying spiritualism in the native language

That and now the minister of science claiming Sparco sent Hubble into space is leading some to speculate that both Imran Khan and Chaudhary might be consuming the same brand of narcotics.

The humorous way Mr. Khan and Mr. Fawad complement each other is outstanding. They should be allowed to star in their movie called khan and Chaudhary

But others felt this would be a better name of the movie

Politics Is Very Entertaining

There is no need to watch cartoon network or any other entertainment channel because political rallies and talk shows featuring ministers is much more fun.

Some Pakistanis while ironically defending the minister felt that his real intention was to say bubble telescope which Sparco launched and just like the government it was useless.

How much more embarrassment must Pakistanis face as a result of Imran Khan and his team is a question that is slowly starting to root in the minds of many. 

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