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Federal Government Apps Launched By Imran Khan Get Hacked By Indians

The apps PM Imran Khan’s government launched for some federal organizations were reporting some issues for the past few days. According to the reports, some Indians hacked the apps for Capital Smart City (CSC), Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), and Capital Development Authority (CDA). Media reports also claim that the hackers were trying to extract personal user data by siphoning the apps.

Users reported that they were unable to use the complete functions of the app and the only ones working were basic information such as tax rates of different cars and office locations. When users tried to pay car tax, the service did not work.

Federal Government Apps- To Revolutionize Public Service Delivery

During the app launch, Imran Khan said that these apps will revolutionize Islamabad and soon they will be replicated to cater to all citizens. Currently, only selective people can use apps like Smart Card holders. The hacking of federal government apps is dangerous since it is a matter of public data security.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, the apps were deliberately jammed so that the hackers can fail at collecting data if any such thing was going on. He said that the issue was being dealt with and they will soon resolve the technical glitches users were facing.

Was The Problem Solved?

Today afternoon on 25th August National IT Board of Pakistan tweeted that they have completed some maintenance work on the apps. They claimed that all services are fully functional which is contradictory to the following replies under this tweet.

Feedback From The Users

The users went on to test the app but they failed again due to same issue which NITB claimed to have fixed. The token tax service returned an error stating that the upgrade was in progress for which users had to wait more before using all services.

To intensify the burn, another user shared a screenshot of his experience with the app. It was clear that whatever problem was caused by alleged hacking, it malfunctioned the federal government apps which required serious upgrading process.

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