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Federer Beats Nadal to Claim 18th Major

Roger Federer, one of the most exciting players of tennis ever, finally beat Rafael Nadal. He had missed the second half of the last season because of the knee injury.

The Swiss tennis superstar won in style against the legendary Rafael Nadal 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, and 6-3 in a three and a half hours’ match.

The Comeback of the Duo

Both of these players came back from injuries. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are currently two of the oldest players in the tennis world.

Federer, jubilant over his win, said,

“I don’t think either one of us believed we were going to be in the finals at the Australian Open… four, five months ago, and here we stand in the finals.”

He obviously seemed a lot more satisfied with his game.

“This is beautiful, but it’s still much better, the (other) trophy,” Nadal said as he looked at the runner-up trophy.”

It was Federer in tears when he lost to another great of the game, Rafael Nadal back in 2009 in Australian Open final in five sets. This time his tears of joy showed the contentment he had with himself as one of the most recognized professional tennis players in the world.

Nadal and Federer are currently two of the oldest players in the tennis world

The Route to Winning Australian Open

It was not an easy way to win for Roger Federer. He said he did not expect in his wildest dreams winning Australian open again, especially when he was handed a very tough draw. He is currently the second oldest man behind Ken Rosewall to win a major in the Open Era.

Roger compared his win in importance to his 2009 victory in French Open when he won the clay-court major for the only time. He said that his struggles in the clay-court were quite similar to the ones he had in Australian open.

It was obviously not an easy to swallow defeat for Rafael Nadal. He had last lost a match to Federer back in 2007. Tennis experts believe that his five-hour long semi-final with Grigor Dimitrov drained a lot of his energy. On this occasion Nadal saw things on a more positive note though saying he would walk away in good spirits despite losing against Roger Federer.

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