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Female Pakistani Politician’s Feet are Talk of the Town on Social Media

A small faction of Pakistani social media had to enter in one of the weirdest debates of its kind. What became the talk of the town were feet of female Pakistani politician Irum Azeem Farooque. First of all, these were some really lewd comments that people posted on Instagram pictures that Farooque shared and later it was a debate on whether she should have talked about this in a Twitter post or not.

Controversial Instagram Post by Female Pakistani Politician

Here is the post which became the subject of discussion on social media.

Apparently, there doesn’t seem anything unusual in this pic. It is quite normal for users to share the pictures of hands, feet, and face in various postures.

Interestingly, this was not the only picture that she shared on Instagram. The female Pakistani politician has shared such pictures of her finely pedicured feet in past as well.

And, there were the similar kind of comments on those posts too. While people praised her and left the remarks like “Divine Feet”, and “Pooja K Qabal” etc.

Irum Azeem Farroque Talking about Her Insta Posts

Irum Azeem Farooque later talked about her experience with Instagram pictures on Twitter.

Here is what she said.

And, people were demanding more pictures of her feet.

And, this female Pakistani politician was somehow right when she said her name should be written in Guinness Book of World Record for being a politician whose feet pictures were being worshipped.

Well, if that is really the case then here is how to apply for a Guinness World Record in 2018.

Why a Politician Did This?

Another thing which was haunting the people was why a female Pakistani politician shared such pictures while there were no such pictures by Pakistani actresses like Mawra Hocane.

And Irum’s response was that  Mawra doesn’t have clean feet.

It is really interesting how social media users are quick to pick a subject to keep themselves busy and help make a politician make news for some reason. Irum Azeem Farooque has been an active female Pakistani politician. She was the member of Sindh Assembly from 2008-2013 on women reserved seat while being a member of MQM. In 2017, she announced to quit MQM and joined PTI.

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