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People Call out Feroze Khan for Using Cloak of Religion after Domestic Abuse Evidence

Pakistani actor Feroze Khan has been facing increased criticism after his ex-wife Aliza Sultan submitted proof of domestic abuse. He was already under heavy fire after the reports first emerged in September 2022 when Aliza announced divorce. The public anger is now doubled after seeing the medical report and pictures of Aliza with bruises. Both the pictures and the medical report suggested that the victim had been beaten. Aliza has accused Feroze of severe physical and emotional abuse during their 4 years of marriage. Previously, the actor did not respond to the allegations but recently shared a lengthy post on social media to “vehemently” deny the documented evidence.

Feroze Khan Denies Domestic Abuse Evidence

The documents submitted in the court were part of an assault complaint on 2 separate occasions. According to the evidence, the victim was subjected to violence on July 1, 2020, and May 10, 2021. The medico-legal report from Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) ‘s Accident and Emergency Department found “blunt injuries on both arms, back, chest and face” and “a minor nosebleed” in November 2020. The doctor prescribed Panadol to Aliza after examining her face via X-ray. The report from Darakhshan Police Station also said that Aliza was injured in a “personal fight” and taken to JPMC for treatment.

However, Feroze Khan has claimed that the allegations are “baseless” and “untruthful”. He threatened to pursue legal action against those who continued to accuse him of beating his wife. The actor ended the statement by claiming that he was a law-abiding citizen and never hurt any other human.

The divorce between Feroze and Aliza was finalized in September 2022. The court has allowed him to visit his kids on the condition of submitting his passport. Many viewers and celebrities have come forward in support of Aliza and condemned the actor. Some also highlighted how he has repeatedly used religion to hide his true violent self.

It is Easy to Charm the Fools

Feroze Khan has announced to quit the drama industry, citing religion as the reason but admitted to working on selective projects. He is also known for posting Sufi poetry and religious quotes on social media. However, now after the evidence has made its way to social media, viewers have started to see right through his persona. They said it was easy for him to abuse his wife and pretend to be an Islamic person in front of everyone. Unfortunately, many people can buy that, so they remain in disbelief whenever their “idols” face such allegations. They explained how the case shows that those who act all religious were not necessarily pure in reality.

From Where is Feroze Khan Getting his Doze of Religion?

Feroze Khan was heavily trolled in 2020 when it was revealed that celebrity cleric Molana Tariq Jameel was his peer (religious mentor). Critics of Molana dragged him into the conversation and asked him to explain the domestic conduct of one of his students by sharing the harrowing pictures of Aliza’s bruises and the medical report.

Viewers have also raised their voices to ban Feroze Khan from getting work in film and TV. Despite allegations against him, his drama ‘Habs’ is currently airing on ARY Digital. His film ‘Tich Button’ is also slated to release in cinemas on October 28. It is not clear whether he will be banned from the industry, but viewers have decided against watching his projects. It might be up to the industry to determine whether to give him any work now. Another actor Mohsin Abbas Haider had received a setback in his career due to similar controversy. He has not appeared in any film since Baaji in 2019 but still carried on working in dramas till 2021. It remains to be seen if Feroze will face the same fate or if he is too charming for producers to let go.

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