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FIFA Trophy Coming to Pakistan Is a Treat for Football Fans

Pakistan’s love for football is not limited to knowing about Messi and Ronaldo only. The country of 200 million is home to millions of football fans, who don’t mind going out of the way to watch the international championships and matches of the football leagues. Such a craziness about the game has made Pakistan to be on the list of 51 countries who would host FIFA Trophy for World Cup, 2018.

Yes, FIFA Trophy is coming to Pakistan on February 3, of this year and Pakistanis are more than exciting.

Who is Bringing FIFA Trophy to Pakistan?

Football world cup would Kickstart in June 2018. Before this, 51 countries would arrange a showcase for FIFA Trophy. Pakistan would host an event to exhibit the trophy on February 3. According to news, a delegation of Pakistan Football Team and media, would receive the trophy in Thailand amidst the tour and bring it to Lahore. The magnificent, shiny and gold colored trophy would remain in the city for one day.

Well, Pakistan Football Federation is not behind bringing the trophy in the country; it would be on its tour to Pakistan due to the efforts made by sponsors.

Are Pakistanis Ready for Welcoming FIFA Trophy

Pakistanis football fans have very well received the news. They see the arrival of FIFA Trophy in the country, as a golden opportunity to revive the game.

On January 12, when an announcement was made about the arrival of Football Trophy in Pakistan, the hashtag #FootballInPakistan trended on Twitter. The fans expressed their excitement on social media.

Pakistan’s famous sports anchor Zainab Abbas hosted the show.

Hajra Khan, a member of Pakistan women football team, who attended the event, previously gave a call on Twitter for the promotion of this sports in the country. She also asked clubs to arrange matches.

Can Football Be Back in Pakistan?

There is no lack of football enthusiasm in Pakistan. Last year leisure league invited leading international footballers like Ronaldinho to play friendly matches in Pakistan. Fans offered a warm welcome to these legends.

In Pakistan, particularly in Lyari, Karachi and different cities of Baluchistan are a hub of potential footballers. The talent, after getting the chance to play in the mainstream can get attention just like Brazilian football players. Lyari, a town in Karachi, populated by Makranis, is already famous as little Brazil for its passion for football.

The arrival of FIFA Trophy is a good omen for the restoration of the game.

In Pakistan, cricket is a dominant sport. Recently, the country has made a significant achievement by winning ICC Champion Trophy final. But, this doesn’t mean the games like soccer can’t flourish here. It just requires a little attention from authorities and supportive atmosphere.

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