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Finnish PM Sanna Marin Sparks Controversy over Leaked Video

The 36-year-old Finnish PM Sanna Marin, who is the youngest ever leader of the country, has been facing hatred for partying with her friends. Her leaked video went viral on social media and became the reason for the hardcore controversy. People have been criticizing her for being an active partying girl who goes to clubs and festivals way too much. Other than that, the public has been referring to previous incidents when she was a target of critics due to having fun at a party. However, some people still find her an inspirational leader who is politically active and also a fun person to run the government.

What Do Critics Say about Finnish PM Sanna Marin?

As per the critics, the Finnish PM Sanna Marin isn’t the right choice for such a high-profile political role. She is a girl who likes to party and spends most of her time at clubs and with friends instead of fulfilling her duties as a prime minister.

The public of Finland posted on social media about how they were disappointed by the acts of their Prime Minister. As per some social media posts, people asked what is so good about this whole situation and what is the point of having a PM who behaves like a teenager.

Other than that, some more public figures were also seen in the leaked video. These people include influencer Janita Autio, singer Alma, YouTuber Ilona Ylikorpi, radio host Karoliina Tuominen, TV host Tinni Wikström, stylist Vesa Silver, and MP Ilmari Nurminen from Marin’s Social Democratic Party.

Marin’s Track Record Doesn’t Look Good

People have been criticizing the Finnish PM Sanna Marin for being a party girl. Last year, the prime minister went out to have drinks and dinner with her friends and partied until 4 am. Her enjoyment turned out to be outrageous for many. The people started badmouthing her because she knew her foreign minister had tested positive for Covid19 but went to a crowded place anyway. After that, Marin was forced to apologize for her behaviour. Upon that, Sanna explained that she was initially advised not to isolate herself but missed the text suggesting otherwise.

Some Admire Sanna Marin for Who She Is

Not everyone dislikes how Finnish PM Sanna Marin manages her political and personal life. Reportedly, some are just impressed that their prime minister is the coolest and youngest leader ever. According to a German newspaper, Finland’s Prime Minister is the most important leader in the country since she had to lead during the most challenging time amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The paper wrote that even if the time was crucial, Marin still found time to party.   According to reports, Sanna Marin is self-confident, modern, and casual. This is how she thinks politics can take place. She also represents a cool generation that Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t appreciate. Lastly, the Finnish PM has always spoken against Putin since Russia and Ukraine have been in a state of war.

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