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Fire at National Stadium Karachi Stops PSL 7 Preparations

A fire broke out at National Stadium Karachi just one day before the start of Pakistan Super League 7. The workers were preparing for the opening day when the tragedy happened. According to reports, some welding operations were happening at the venue when something went wrong and resulted in a fire.

A fire brigade instantly arrived at the scene and doused the fire. Thankfully there were no casualties, but the stadium suffered significant financial losses.

National Stadium Karachi Faces Damages

According to reports, the fire damaged a newly built commentary box at the National Stadium Karachi. It was specially constructed for the PSL matches starting the next day. It also damaged SMD jumper cables along the boundaries and the sound system. Fire-fighters said that the short-circuit was the cause of this fire.

When is PSL 7 Starting?

The 7th edition of PSL will kick off tomorrow (Thursday, 27th January) and last for 34 matches. The first 15 matches will happen in National Stadium Karachi and the rest 19 games in Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. The first match will be between Karachi Kings and Multan Sultans.

PSL 7 Schedule

Karachi was almost ready for the spectacle when the fire hindered the ongoing preparations. It is not clear if the venue will be repaired within one day. However, the complete schedule for PSL matches is ready and will go on as planned.

However, there will be no opening ceremony for PSL this year. PCB announced earlier in January 2022 that due to the worrisome situation regarding COVID-19 and logistical issues, it decided to cancel the opening ceremony.

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