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Who Was the First American Astronaut in Space?

Talking about stars and exploring the far of worlds in the space has not remained the domain of poets only. Since, the last seven decades, scientists and astronauts have proved that for human beings, taking leisure strolls in space is quite possible. And, it requires nothing more passion and enthusiasm to see what lies in the outer space. The case of Alan Shepard, the first American astronaut, who is credited with so many other achievements, is a proof.

Who was Alan Shepard?

His full name was Alan Bartlett Shepard, he was more than just the first American astronaut. Shepard graduated from the United States Naval Academy, offered his services in surface navy in World War II and became Naval Aviator by 1946.

It is interesting to note that the man who started his career in Navy, later went to become the first ever American Astronaut. And, this is not the all as Alan is also one of those few astronauts who stepped on Moon.

How Alan Became First American Astronaut?

It was in 1950 when Alan became a test pilot. The man was also one of the seven astronauts who were selected for NASA Mercury 7 project in 1959. But, it was Alan’s journey through his manned Project mercury flight through his Freedom 7 spacecraft that made hims first American astronaut. Through Freedom 7, Alan succeeded in stepping into the space, but he couldn’t set his spacecraft into the orbit. The man was also the first person who manually controlled his spacecraft’s orientation in the space. May be, his navy service might have helped him as the field has one of the toughest military programs like training for navy seals.

First American AstronautAlan Shepard’s Achievements

Alan Shepard was only astronaut from the seven members of Mercury Seven Project who landed on the moon. He is said to hit the two golf balls on the Moon’s surface. Just imagine, who it have felt doing so in a place where gravity was not much favourable.

Shepard was also commanded Project Gemini the first manned mission in space but was grounded for suffering from an ailment. After recovering from illness, he commanded the Apollo 14 mission.

Alan was also the first astronaut who became the rear Admiral. Briefly, Alan Shepard was equally fit for his naval as astronomical services. He was not only the first American astronaut but also the fifth person to land on moon and he accomplished all these achievements at the age of 47.

Whenever the world will remember the star man like Stephen Hawking, the achievements of Alan Shepard due to ultimate passion of this man, will also be remembered.

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