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The First Pakistani Meme of 2022 is Already Here

Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui has officially reserved the January spot on 2022’s meme calendar. According to reports, the actor was a guest at a “destruction ceremony” organized by the Karachi Customs Enforcement agency over the weekend. He made videos and took pictures at the venue where anti-narcotics forces were destroying confiscated drugs and alcohol. The actor’s post also contained a selfie in front of a burning pile. That picture has gone so viral that social media users have been using it to create a lot of funny memes. It is officially accounted as the very first Pakistani meme of 2022.

First Pakistani Meme of 2022 in Action

Users have been thankful to Adnan Siddiqui for giving them the first Pakistani meme of 2022. The foremost thing they did with it was to make it unsurprisingly political. The dashing appearance of the actor and the horrific backdrop of stuff burning with hazardous smoke reminded them of something familiar. To most, it seemed like they saw the country’s dire situation at the back while political leaders were trying to look good on TV.

Some used the meme to show how personally relatable it can be. Users have depicted how parents act high and mighty in front of kids, but they are still humans and share flaws like everyone else. One of those flaws is not having an equally balanced relationship with each of their children.  

Few also wondered if Adnan would sell the NFT of his viral picture. He made way for the first Pakistani meme of 2022, so they guessed he deserved it. Viewers also noticed how the selfie was similar to the famous disaster girl meme that made it to the Meme Museum in Hong Kong.

Waging a War Against Drugs

Adnan shared the post that became the template of the first Pakistani meme of 2022, with a strong note. He exclaimed in the caption that they have been waging war against drugs by lighting fire to the smuggled goods and narcotics. He added that evil drugs were rusting the youth of Pakistan, so reducing them to ash sent a symbolic message. The burning pile reportedly contained alcohol bottles, drugs, cigarettes, contraband, and betel nuts. The actor also mentioned that the total cost of destroyed items was nearly 2.5 million USD.

Is it Worth it?

Where many engaged in creating the first Pakistani meme of 2022, some others pointed how irresponsible was it to burn all that stuff. A viewer suggested that they could have sold everything (export) to other countries and made money off of it. Others mentioned how Pakistan’s environment was already deteriorating, and the smoke from burning added to the climate issue. They expressed how the rest of the world was worried about fighting climate change, and Pakistan was concerned with “sending a message” to alcoholics and drug addicts.

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