Friday, December 8, 2023
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PSL Live Stream Gets Over 1 Million Views

There was a popular notion that no one would be interested in watching cricket live. But PSL live stream proved everyone wrong about it. The Internet has instead changed the way we consume content and enjoy media.

The PSL Live Stream

Blitz Advertising launched the first PSL live stream in partnership with Trans Group and ITW. Blitz launched the live stream via exclusively for the PSL 2017 viewers.

Over 1800 unlicensed streams were blocked, making it a great venture for the advertisers as well as the subscribers.

In three days’ time, the viewership went over 1 million. The advertisers were able to sell 100% of their in-stream ad inventory. Advertisers booked ads by paying 1.8 times more than the actual price of advertisements. Some of the well-established brands in Pakistan like Pepsi, Oppo, Shell, Haier, Nestle, and dozen others advertised during the first PSL live stream.

Advertisers are setting high expectations for the next match PSL match of Lahore Qalandars. An internet penetration of 63% means live streaming will be a great opportunity for advertisers to showcase their content. Similarly, many brands would be able to explore new avenues of reaching their potential audiences.

What Can We Learn from PSL Live Streaming?

psl live stream 2017PSL live streaming of one million views is a big step forward. Technically this has been a big success for the PSL organizers. There is a lot to look forward to after this first successful PSL live streaming.

Live Streaming for other events in Pakistan

Media and advertising firms in Pakistan can build on this case study of first PSL live streaming. Event organizers can successfully live stream many events using the latest technology. Thanks to the availability of 3G and 4G internet connections that have enabled users to see such events live.

PSL live streaming is one of the many getaways of this tournaments. The use of drones and many other advanced technologies have made the PSL 2 an even more exciting event. Organizers of other sports can draw inspiration from how the PSL 2 has been aired throughout Pakistan. After PSL live streaming, viewers do not have to follow the load shedding schedule.

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