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Have You Ever Wondered About First Words Uttered On the Moon?

For a long time, people have been wondering what the first unlikely words on the moon could have been, and some of the things people are saying are funny and worth listening to.

Here Are Some The Best Unlikely Words Uttered On The Moon

Before the first man landed on the moon, people speculated what it was made of. As this Twitter user thinks that so cheesy could have been the first word as its surface could be of cheese.

Gee, I’ve lost a Few Pounds

The gravitational pull of the moon is one-sixth of that of the earth, which means that anything on the  Earth would be  one-sixth times more heavier than on the Earth satellite planet. Well despite such difference in weigh the mass on both spatial bodies remains the same.

For those people who are conscious about their weight should go to the moon as they will be thrilled.

Before it was discovered that the Earth is round one of the popular theory put forth by the medieval scientist was that the Earth was a flat round circular disk at the ends of which lies space. According to some jokers, the earth is acutely a flat circular disk, and the first words that should have been uttered are 

What’s next?

The urge of human exploration grows with every success the race meets. After landing the first man on the satellite planet, the human race developed an urge to discover and possibly inhabit other Earth-like planets as soon as possible.

Phones and computer have become an essential part of our lives. We use them to perform so many of our daily tasks hence it wouldn’t be a surprise for someone to land on the satellite planet and say the following.

While others had this to say

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