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Fiza Shiza Memes Make Bride Swap Scene in Drama Hilarious

Fiza Shiza memes have been circulating on the internet, making users laugh more at the content of Pakistani dramas. Those who did not even care about the particular show came to enjoy these memes. It all started when a clip from a 2020 episode named ‘Judwaa’ (twins) of drama serial Haqeeqat resurfaced on social media.

Haqeeqat on A-Plus is an anthology show with different stories and casts in each episode. The show claims that each story is based on real-life events, but many doubt that people could be as idiotic as this.

Fiza Shiza Memes Explained

It showed a bride freaking out after realizing she was with her brother-in-law instead of her husband on her wedding night. The story was about 2 identical twin sisters, Fiza and Shiza getting married to 2 fraternal twin brothers, Zain and Faraz, in the same house. The scene confused many viewers, who tried to explain it with Fiza Shiza memes.

What shocked viewers was that Fiza was married to Zain, and Shiza married Faraz. However, in a dramatic turn of events, an evil phuppo (aunt) intentionally switches the rooms for each bride. Apparently, the phuppo had a daughter who liked one of the brothers, so she made a plan to annul the marriage contract for her daughter to have a chance.

Here are some of the funniest memes that break down what is happening in the drama.

Puzzling Scenerio

Most Fiza Shiza memes were about the confusion of viewers, who had their minds handed to them. Many didn’t even remember the names of the actual husbands and wives. They remained in shock about what message was the drama trying to convey with such a foolish story.

Comparison wih Indian Softcore Porn Shows

To many, the episode seemed like an adaptation of the soft porn stories on some Indian on-demand platforms. Many Fiza Shiza memes were heavily filled with content suggesting something related to an obsession with the porn industry. Some replaced the A-Plus logo with a familiar one to make fun of Pakistani channels stooping to questionable levels for viewership.

Plot Twist

The famous Akshay Kumar switch meme has never been more relevant before crossing over with Fiza Shiza memes. It perfectly showed the entire concept with one picture. However, this particular meme reversed the actual names. Probably the creator was as confused as many other viewers.

The Professor Explains

Some also showed their creative skills through Fiza Shiza memes. Someone made a voiceover on Money Heist’s Professor and explained the dramatic situation in a similar accent.

What About the Other Couple?

Fizza Shiza memes also crossed over with the first Pakistani meme of 2022, in which Adnan Siddiqui was endorsing the burning of drugs. The meme mocked the drama for showing an unrealistic situation. It appeared that Shiza and Zain stopped from consummating their marriage when Zain held her hand called her by the name ‘Fiza’. Shocked, Shiza quickly got away from the bed and ran downstairs to find her sister. However, she discovered that her sister Fiza and her supposed husband Faraz did not waste time talking.

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