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Unwritten Dorm Rules That Roommates Need To Follow

We all have experienced hostel life at one or another point in our life. Such a phase comes either when we are a student or when we live in another city for work purposes. Usually, there are no defined rules for sharing a dorm with someone else or a group of people. Very often there are some unsaid commitments that one needs to make. There is no need to go through a list of do’s and do not’s of living in a dorm. In fact, these unwritten dorm rules that one must know about by utilizing their common sense.

 Some Interesting Unwritten Dorm Rules

A dorm room is a place where you meet people from all walks of life and have different nature. They may not be in the habit of cleaning up after themselves and may expect their roommate to clean up after them. So to those people here’s a word of advice.


It’s said that some of the best friendships a person makes are during his hostel life. People who share the room start caring for each other like family. When their roommate is late or doesn’t show up, they start worrying for them. Therefore one of the unwritten dorm rules is to be courteous enough to let your roommate know if you’re gonna be late.

Another unwritten dorm rule that people need follow is to not disturb their roommate early in the morning by vacuuming the dorm or preforming other noisy tasks that may ruin a person’s sleep.

Always Know Where The Lifesaving Equipment Is

People do all sorts of stupid stuff during their hostel-life, and you never know when somebody may need medical assistance. So it’s important to rehearse or familiarize yourself with different medical procedures and know-how to locate the first aid box.

because you’ll be sharing everything in the room make sure your roommate understands what necessities mean as people have a terrible habit of filling their rooms with all sorts of useless things.

A Rule of Tit for Tat

Not everybody you meet in life will be open-minded or welcoming. Some will always want you to keep a distance.


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