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Foods that Speed Up Your Metabolism

How to lose some extra pounds is a question that almost everyone asks at a certain stage in life. Usually, people spend long hours at gym for doing tough workouts or starve themselves of their favourite food in an attempt to get in shape. Unfortunately, not all of them succeed in losing weight and making a transition from fat to fit. They fail not because they don’t give sufficient input, but they don’t see results for not following the right tract. In fact, they don’t look for ‘foods that increase your metabolism’ rather they try foods with low carbs and low fats.

Why It is Important to Increase Your Metabolism

Before your look for the foods that increase your metabolism you must know why its importance.

The process of metabolism refers to the breakdown of larger food components into smaller one. Food components like carbs and fats that have complex structures need high metabolic rate for their digestion. Not all the people are naturally gifted with an increased metabolic rate. Further, there are those who have very slow metabolic rate and find it hard to digest the food. Consequently, they see the fat layers depositing beneath the skin making them look fatter. Hence, dieticians recommend eating food and healthy breakfast recipes that help to increase metabolism.

Here are few foods that help to increase your metabolism.

Foods that Contain Fibres

Foods rich in fibres are the best way to increase your metabolism. Fruits, vegetables, cereals and whole grains provide the body with an adequate supply of fibres. Such foods also take up more space in the belly, consequently leaving less room for other least likely stuff like fats.

Eating the Chewy Food

According to estimates chewing food increases the caloric burn rate up to 10%. While eating such food one has to actively chew it; the process consequently helps to increase the metabolism. The food also remains in stomach for longer time. Whole fruits like apples and nuts are the best option for chewy food.

Increase your metabolism

Consuming Caffeine

If you want to increase your metabolism then do consume a required proportion of caffeine, in the form of coffee and black tea. If you are not habitual of consuming coffee or tea then start drinking green tea in morning and evening for a body detox. If you can’t drink green tea without sugar, then consider adding honey and lemon juice for flavour. Make sure not to consume green tea soon after eating food. Green tea has as much benefits as those of eating raw garlic with empty stomach.

Eating berries

Berries, like blueberries and strawberries are an excellent way of anti-oxidants. They not only increase the metabolism, act as natural detox but also boost the immune system of the body.

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