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Six Pakistanis Make It to Forbes “30 Under 30” List This Year

Six talented Pakistanis made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 this year. The list that Forbes publishes each year features 600 individuals on it. The names of these six Pakistanis on Forbes 30 under 30 list reflects diversity and richness in their talents. The list covers 20 various industrial sectors including education, art, style, food, games, media, and enterprise technology.

What is Forbes “30 Under 30”?

The Forbes 30 Under 30 is a list of 30 individuals from each of the 20 different industries selected by the publication. Forbes issues the names of 600 individuals with 30 in each of these 20 sectors. Forbes assigns ten categories each to Asia and Europe, while Africa is given one list with 30 individuals belonging to the African continent with their accomplishments.

Pakistanis in Forbes 30 Under 30 List

This list, as always, proves that Pakistan has got talent. Four out of these six individuals have worked in education, enterprise technology, ecommerce, and retail domains. The other two have worked in manufacturing and healthcare sector.

Let us have a look at the accomplishments of each of these six Pakistanis making it to the Forbes 30 under 30 listing.

Abbas Haider

Abbas Haider has had accolades in the manufacturing industry. The launch of a brand with the name Aspetto offers comfortable and bespoke clothing. It is no ordinary clothing and actually bullet resistant. He has successfully raised around $300,000. He expects that his business will earn $2.5 million this year.

Raza Munir

Every brilliant idea comes from a great mind. Raza Munir is behind the concept of founding Climb Credit. Climb Credit helps students develop necessary skills to become successful in a particular field. Thus, he aims to help them better manage their debt.

Forbes List Features Six 30 Under 30 Pakistanis


Hayat has launched Teach Pakistan Initiative. He runs a non-government organization that aims to help improve rural education in the country. Hayat is also behind the idea of ThroughPut, a company that uses data science to correctly estimate and overcome waste of water, a precious natural resource.

S Zayd Enam

S Zayd Enam dropped out of school for starting a healthcare initiative known as Mediconnect. Mediconnect is a healthcare service provider in Pakistan. Later, he also dropped out of his Ph.D. program at Stanford University to found The purpose of establishing is to scale his startup, which works on augmenting workforce and increasing organizational productivity.

Sarah Ahmed

Sarah Ahmed is venturing into the retail and ecommerce segments. She is a New York-based entrepreneur founding Warp + Weft. Her brand weaves clothing with excellent quality fabric that guarantees fantastic fit and excellent value for money. She wants that her brand brings more inclusivity with greater variety in size.

Anna Khan

Anna Khan has raised over $141 million in funding since 2012. She has raised funds to run various startups in different verticals. The World Economic Forum and a Fellow at Rock Centre of Harvard Business School have named her a “Global Shaper.”

She is one of those inspirational Pakistani women that bring good name to the country and serves as motivation for others like her who aspire to dream and achieve. This list also showcases that Pakistani young talent can inspire and influence at a global level.


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