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Why is 4th Season of Stranger Things Coming in 2 Parts?

The stranger things franchise has gained a huge fan base since the beginning of the show. The previous parts were hyped enough due to the adventures and supernatural activities that raised people’s interest in the series. Also, the character Eleven is one of the charming elements of the show’s plot since it is a personification of suspense and mystery. Now that the 4th season of Stranger Things is coming soon, it’s becoming the talk of the town again. People have been waiting for the season since the last part ended. Apparently, the new instalment is bringing digressions associated with the characters, which might be a reason to attract the audience. Also, the season will be in two parts which means only a few episodes are coming on May 27th. Part 2 will be released on July 1st

Things to Know About 4th season of Stranger Things

One of the most interesting facts about the 4th season of stranger things is that all the characters have grown up. The past three seasons revealed how kids handled the supernatural entities and the mysteries that came along with them. The stranger things season 4 is bringing the mature teenagers who are going to enter the realm of grave dangers. The biggest suspense is how the main cast will deal with the monsters and villains differently. Most significantly, the series unleashes multiple new challenges in Eleven’s way. According to some assumptions, the season will have a greater number of episodes to cover the entire plot. This might be why the whole series is not coming a single part. 

Netflix tweeted about the show’s arrival with an impressive and gloomy poster. The title cover is suspenseful enough to make the viewers curious. Moreover, the quote “every ending has a beginning” makes it more exciting since it could have multiple meanings.  

Division Between the Parts

Reportedly, the 4th season of stranger things is going to reveal the origin of Eleven. The last season showed that the main supernatural character was dealing with some trauma due to her past, as the visuals gave hints about where she came from. Part 1 seemed to be entirely based on her. This is another assumption that defines the division of the 2 volumes. Part 2 will probably be an extended version of the first one in which the characters will come across the dangers of an outside world. 

Is Season 4 The Last One?

Many people assume that the dramatic two parts release will be the final instalment of the stranger things franchise. The 4th season of stranger things is undoubtedly becoming a hot topic due to its popularity. The reason is that it is one of the most hyped upcoming TV shows 22. Netflix or stranger things franchise hasn’t mentioned anything regarding stopping the venture with the 4th part. The title caption “every ending has a beginning” seems to be foreshadowing the new seasons. This means that the show might end with an ending that will point towards another instalment.  

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