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Free Fire VS PUBG – A Bitter Comparison

Gamers have always been fond of new and advanced games, and PUBG mobile was the very first game that gave them what they wanted. PUBG was released in 2017 and became one of the most trending games all over the globe. Sooner, the biggest competitor of PUBG by the name Free Fire came into existence. The challenger was an open-world war based game that allowed gamers to have an experience of advanced graphics and speed. The game was winning the hearts of many that a cold war took place, and people named it Free Fire VS PUBG. It started to beat the renowned PUBG by taking over aspects that gamers admired. 

As per different views, several realized that the new arrival was a much better version of their previous liked game. The predecessor started to lose the battle. It looked like its time had come to quit impressing gamers. 

Still, not only Free Fire played a role to shun PUBG from the hearts of gamers, but there were other reasons too. The Government Suspended PUBG in Pakistan, which made its followers move from one app to another in order to keep themselves occupied with the gaming. Many shifted to Free Fire and ironically, found it better than PUBG.

Free Fire VS PUBG: The Similarities

Apart from differences and competition, both games have some commonalities. They have some very good features that gained the attention of gamers. The very first one is the interface of the game. Playing games used to be an iconic way of spending time a few years back. People use to have Pentium 3/4, on which they would play the games. The time passed and that big computer turned into a small one. Now we call it a cellphone, which is used to perform nearly every task. 

Mobile and game developing companies introduced PUBG that became super popular among mobile game lovers. Later Free Fire was added to the list of widely played games. Both of the games became experts in providing the best mobile gaming experience. 

The concept is very similar since both represent war, gunfight, and adventure. Free Fire and PUBG are the games played by thousands of people around the globe. Both tend to put an impact on gamers and engage them for hours. 

Both games have a common feature named as Battle Royale, in which several players can join and enjoy the combat. More active players make the game interesting. 

The similarities might also be termed as the reason for what people are now calling Free Fire VS PUBG.

A Look At Graphics And Size

These differences might make Free Fire a relatively better game. PUBG allegedly was the first game to provide reality like graphics on a mobile phone. The gamers fell for its interface due to the experience it was providing. The game was not that big in terms of its data size. It only took 1.6 GB of mobile storage. Therefore, it allowed people to have a good, multiplayer game that did not require much space in their phone memory. However, PUBG installation requires 30 GB of PC storage and the latest video graphic card to run its interface with ultra-high resolution graphics. 


On the contrary, Free Fire was introduced after PUBG.  It surely gave tough competition to the Tencent’s game. It gave gamers a good reason to switch from PUBG. The very reason was its 500MB size that was very reasonable as compared to PUBG. The other aspect was the graphics; with 500mb, it gave high-resolution graphics to its users. The real-like graphics on mobile became a plus point and created a win-win situation for Free Fire. Nevertheless, Free Fire requires only 4 GB of free space and a graphic card, to run its interface on PC. 


The Difficulty Levels

PUBG has a capacity of 100 players, which can play join the battle. The map is big and provides the advantage of playing the game for a longer period. The more number of players make the game interesting. That is one of the reasons behind the big fan following of PUBG. According to several players’ reviews, PUBG is quite difficult to play. It is complicated and requires a lot of focus to play it. Multiple Player feature is a good way to attract the audience but it also makes it a difficult game to play. 

Undoubtedly, Free fire has some good features but it lacks capacity. In other words, there a very limited number of players can join the battle. Another glitch is that the map is smaller and therefore, the match ends quickly then it should. Somehow, it plays a part in both: a drawback as well as a benefit.  Free Fire is very easy to play as compared to PUBG. It is flexible and comprehendible in an obvious kind of way. It does not give a headache to its admirers.

Seamless Gaming

PUBG gameplay becomes slow when it gets load and glitches in game processing. Since it is popular and has plenty of players, it requires stability. The biggest problem with PUBG is its frame distortion. After two or three rounds of matches, the game starts to lag, which annoys gamers. 

Free Fire, on the other hand, gives smooth gameplay due to its frame performance and user-friendly interface. Limited players give it an advantage of becoming popular among those who like to play smooth games. 

The lagging of PUBG might be one of the causes of making Free Fire a better preference. Gamers require good speed; hence, the glitches in PUBG might cause it to lose the battle PUBG VS Free Fire.

Reviews From Dedicated PUBG Players 

Supposedly, PUBG has touched many people deeply because its fans get angry as soon as they hear someone appreciating Free Fire. PUBG players are very loyal since they enjoyed PUBG to the extent of their extreme. Now, they do not consider any other game, especially Free Fire, better than PUBG.  

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