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Everything About Free Fire World Series 2021 Is Here

Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is about to start soon with a wide range of game-players. According to Garena, the international e-sports 2021 event has already set the roadmap for the tournament. Moreover, FFWS 2021 comprises multiple mega-events in the coming months of the year 2021 in which, players from all over the world will compete. Besides, the final winner will take a huge cash prize which is even bigger than its previous tournaments. 

What Makes Free Fire World Series A Massive Tournament? 

Free Fire World Series is an outcome of the successful previous events held in 2019 and 2020. According to YouTube, Free-Fire is the second most-watched live game on the video streaming site. Also, the recent FFCS (Free Fire Continental Series) had more than 1 million simultaneous viewers which grasped the attention of a diverse number of game enthusiasts. In addition to this, the game was awarded the title ‘Esports Mobile Game of the Year’ at Esports awards 2020. 

Apparently, the world series is going to make its existing 100 million active users excited about the competition since several players from different countries around the globe will be participating in it. 

Besides, the series will have three mega-events in which the gamers will take part in Free Fire Flagship international tournament in April and November and then in the Free Fire All-stars in July. 

Furthermore, this imminent mega event will presumably overcome the long debate about free fire vs PUBG since many players get curious regarding which game to pick. 

Which Teams Will Play In The World Series? 

The Free Fire World series will start on April 24th and the final match will be on May 1st. Total 22 teams from different 13 regions will take part in the competition. Only two teams including DEA from Arab League and Team TG, the winner of the Pro Pakistan League have already made it to the world series of free fire after winning their regional leagues. DEA is already in the finals as it is a part of the VIP esports team due to its performance and winnings in the regional tournament. Though, the rest of the teams are yet to be decided since many groups are currently a part of an ongoing free-fire competition. 

What Is Big Prize? 

In most of the countries in which the gamers are into online mobile gaming, after the PUBG tournament, the Free Fire competition is leading in terms of offering giant money bags as a prize. 

The teams which will become a part of Free Fire World Series 2021, will aim for the big cash prize. 4 of the winner groups will enjoy the first four prize ranks, out of which, only one is decided. Keeping in view the giant cash bag and prizes, the winner of the series will get 2 million USD as the first prize. 

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