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Free Online Stuff You Can Do While Being Stuck at Home

Stay inside Stay Home. As the novel coronavirus continues to spread social distancing is vital. The stay at home orders are continued to be issued by the government around the globe. Are you stuck at home? And have nothing to do. Spending time at home is really difficult when you don’t have any pass time or free online stuff to do. 

Movie theaters have been closed, all the concerts and stage shows have been postponed and the restaurants and bars are moved to takeout or delivery service.

If you plan to stream online with a paid plan then it is not a good idea when economy is surely going to be in recession. There is a bunch of free online stuff available. Users don’t no need to signup or pay. All they have to do is to Just click and go for it.

Online Free stuff to pass the time in quarantine

Here are the list of free movies, music, video tools and more to help you survive self-quarantine.

Free video streaming sites

There are plenty of paid video streaming sites including HBO and Netflix. But here are the few free video streaming sites that will help you in passing time that too in an entertaining way




Internet Archive

Free music and audio streaming sites

Fed up by watching movies? Now it’s time to listen to music. As all the concerts are either canceled or postponed. Here are the few free music listening sites that might fill the void



Podcasts for iPhone

Google Podcasts for Android

Free Video Conferencing Apps

The worst part of coronavirus pandemic is social isolation and work from home. Not meeting your friend daily and then facing errors during video conferencing should not be acceptable. Don’t worry here are some free video conferencing apps.

FaceTime (but it might not work if you are convinced that iPhone is overrated)



Facebook Messenger


You can also check some online classes memes if you are taking classes virtually.

Free Distance Learning Solutions and Resources

Schools across the world are closing down for weeks and parents are plunged into trying to home-school their children. There are many tools available to help

Scholastic Learn at Home

Khan Academy

PBS Kids

Age of Learning

Learn New Languages through Apps

The ability to speak in different languages is a demand in the industry nowadays. Be productive and learn a new language why not! Just download the free app and start learning



Hello Talk

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