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What Friends Reunion 2021 has in Store for Fans?

The official trailer of Friends reunion 2021 is out and revealing the set, cast, and fun that actors are having while shooting. The reunion was much anticipated since the show has been listed as one of the most popular sitcoms around the world. May 27 is the date finalized for the launch and the sitcom lovers will enjoy it on HBO max streaming platform. 

The show started in 1994 and kept entertaining viewers for 10 long years. According to some people, Friends is still their favorite season to watch even if they watched it more than 100 times. The love for the show seems extraordinary for many. 

Idea Behind Friends Reunion 2021

Some social media users stated that the imminent reunion is a byproduct of rumors. A few months back when Netflix announced to take Friends off the platform, fans didn’t appreciate the idea. Instead, they started sharing pictures and videos of other shows of the show’s cast. It seemed like the trailer was real but later, people came to know that it was just a combination of chunks taken from different shows and video clips in which the members of the sitcom were seen. Although, it created so much hype that fans became excited about the show. In 2016, a small reunion of friends with Andy Cohen while presenting a tribute to one of the directors of Friends, James Burrows made viewers quite happy. The reason is that the talk show was successful enough to give fans good news about another reunion which will be aired on the streaming platform.   

Expectations of Fans Regarding the Show

10 seasons in a decade have magnified the expectation of the fans. According to reports, people want to watch the cast performing their roles as they did fifteen years back. They want to see Joey (Matt LeBlanc) saying the famous line “How you doin” while flirting with girls. They wish to see Chandler (Mathew Perry) joking around and complimenting others with puns. They want to witness Ross and Rachel (David Schwimmer and Jenifer Aniston) fall in love again. And of course, the fans desire to see Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) sharing her wit while becoming the funniest person, and lastly, Monica (Courtney Cox) to reveal her obsession with cleanliness. All in all, the admirers of the show desire Friends Reunion 2021 to be just like the drama like it was in the 90s and 20s. 

At first, people didn’t believe that the reunion is happening since there were so many rumors before and fans were disappointed by the fake news. Although, the news came and everyone who can be considered a diehard fan got excited.

What’s The Show Going to Be Like? 

Friends is believed to be among the most popular and best sitcoms ever. The expectations of fans are very much heightened. Some of them might not get to see what they have been expecting. According to the official trailer, the Friends reunion 2021 is going to be about the show’s memories. This means that the cast will once again come together and redo the popular scenes. The fans will watch them perform like when they were all young. Also, there might not be a whole show for the audience but just the most people’s most favorite personalities of doing some scenes from the show all over again. Besides, they won’t be acting but only reliving the moments they enjoyed and helped the audiences enjoy with their acting and comedy. After all, it’s a reunion and not a series to entertain people.
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