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Friendship Ended with Mudasir Meme Becomes a Valuable Digital Asset

A popular meme known as Friendship ended with Mudasir is the first Pakistani on-fungible token (NFT) to enter auctions. According to the reports, a London-Lahore-based startup called Alter stated that it aimed to mint and auction the NFT of this meme on World Friendship Day i.e., 30th July. Almost all news outlets have claimed that this particular meme was the very first to come out of this country.

What is Friendship Ended with Mudasir meme all about?

The meme went viral in 2015 when a Pakistani guy named Asif Raza posted an image on Facebook declaring that he is no longer friends with a guy named Mudasir. The image contained him shaking hands with a new friend named Salman while 2 pictures of Mudasir were crossed out.

There were bold and colorful words written on the image, “Friendship ended with Mudasir, now Salman is my best friend”. The picture quickly caught the attention of the masses and received more than 10,000 shares.

Reportedly, Mudasir broke Asif’s heart by becoming a selfish person. Luckily Salman was there for Asif and later Mudasir also apologized after realizing his mistake. The trio eventually became best friends with each other but the viral photo already brought international fame to Asif. People from all over the world had kind words for him and slightly harsher words for Mudasir.

Why is it Going on Auction?

Alter stated that World Friendship Day was the perfect opportunity to put Friendship Ended with Mudasir NFT on auction due to the impact of its relevance. The company mentioned that it helps content creators from developing nations in bridging the technological gap.

It stated that many such artists miss some great opportunities which could have been availed through western markets, as per the company. The reason is that the technology can be disruptive for some who may have been misled on how to cash their work.

They provide onboarding services and marketing solutions to diverse content creators, who may seek to auction their NFTs.

Digital artists from all around the world have been making a decent amount of money from selling their NFT.

What Are NFTs and their Advantages?

NFTs are digital codes that allow creators to verify their authenticity and ownership of an asset. The record is saved in the ledgers of blockchain technology which then allows anyone to look for the actual owner of an asset. Blockchain is also the driving force behind the cryptocurrency market. NFTs have solved the issue of copyright for many aspiring artists and have created an entirely new industry worth more than 1 billion USD.

Any digital object can be minted as NFT and then traded as an asset. It may include, art, cryptocurrency wallet names, sports collectibles, lands in virtual reality, and social media posts. Enthusiast hoped that NFTs can retain their value because it would be easy to distinguish between original and copied ones. It is a modern-day Mona Lisa for them as the past few cases suggest.

A popular auction platform Christie’s sold artwork by Beeple for 70 million USD in March. Earlier this week, a Polish influencer named Marta Rental managed to sell her emotions as a digital asset for 250,000 USD. Reportedly, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also announced to sell his first-ever tweet as NFT. It has already gotten a top bidder, willing to pay 2.5 million USD.

Reportedly, apart from the Friendship ended with Mudasir meme, Pakistan’s NFT collection is also going to feature pictures of the 1992 World Cup win by Pakistan.

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