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These Funniest Memes 2021 Will Give You Tears of Joy

2021 has been a great year for memers and social media users who are fond of spreading joy on the platforms through memes, jokes, and funny posts. This year, the funniest memes 2021 took birth after certain significant events. Though some of the matters were serious, yet the meme-makers took the liberty to drag down their intensity by making the best memes of 2021 and getting those viral on the platforms.

The recent three years have been nothing but depressive due to the unending plague upon the human race i.e., Covid19. Multiple countries have suffered in ways people can’t even fathom. In the time of pressure, terror and loss, the memes on social media have kept people going by making them laugh on some of the jokes made on the crucial set of events. Other than that, the amusers have posted funny posts based on different movies, politics, shows, and acts of people on social websites.

Funniest Memes 2021 on Fast and Furious Movie

Fast and furious is one of the most popular movie series. The recently released fast 9 is also getting too much hype from the fans. Aside from all the love and support towards the franchise, the memers have presented the world with the funniest memes 2021 on the fast and the furious franchise. Apparently, the memes on the movie came into existence due to a single dialogue about ‘family’ that has been used several times in the whole series. It is also something the movie revolves around besides the plot and other elements. The makers created the movie to let people know about the unity that family brings and some social media users made the memes viral. The jokes refer to the situations and enemies which are impossible to take down but Dom (Vin Diesel) says a family is strong enough to do anything. This is what memers are playing with on the platforms. 

YouTube Down Memes 

In March 2021, YouTube faced some technical issues due to watching the users couldn’t watch videos. The crash was a disaster for YouTube Tv, YouTube music, the users. The fault appeared differently for the users. For some, the videos failed to run and many witnessed the gradual crashing of the videos. It caused the site to face financial loss as well but the scenario was different for the memers. They noticed what people experienced and funnily presented those problems.

Some trolled those who had no idea that whether the issue was with their internet or with the site. They kept on restarting their WiFi and mobile data to play the videos but sooner they realized the actual fault.

The memers made some of the very popular memes 2021 after the YouTube crash. The memes even trolled those who had no idea about the crash. It seemed like they were sleeping like a baby and the problem didn’t even bother them. 

Harry and Meghan Memes

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared in a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey which also became a meme template, especially for Pakistanis. Brown people found an opportunity to mock their own problems that usually occur in their families where daughters-in-law suffer the most.

Pawri Ho Rhi Hai Memes

A viral video made by TikToker Dananeer Mubeen generated a plethora of memes on daily basis. This incident remained a sensation for a very long time. Even international artists made remixes of the video. One made by Indian musician Yashraj Mukhate gained a lot of appraisal from the viewers.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi Interview Memes 

The top memes in 2021 include the interview of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the foreign minister of Pakistan. The funniest memes 2021 about his comments during the interview flooded social media. The minister’s views about Palestine having deep pockets to influence US media became the talk of the town as memers saw it as an opportunity to spread the trolls all over social media. Some compared the previous Ishaq Dar’s BBC interview with Shah’s CNN discussion. Besides, the Ishaq Dar memes vent viral too. As per the posts, the anchor was expecting Dar but Mahmood came out of the syllabus.

Some trolled the western media for calling Mahmood antisemitic. They made fun of the anchor for not having much to say in response to Qureshi’s comments.

Amir Liaqat Memes

Controversial media personality Amir Liaquat is famously known for producing meme-worthy content. He was trying to race the Gold Medalist Naseem Ahmed on the stage of his show when he fell down and memes started pouring in. Folks showed him running all the weird places they could think of.

Funny Memes on Shafqat Mahmood 

With all the other funniest memes in 2021, trollers gave Pakistanis the best memes of 2021 by expressing the students’ feelings about Mahmood’s decisions. In March, he declared that the schools will stay closed due to the increasing coronavirus cases in the country. People started making jokes about him on social media regarding students loving him as well as cursing the online classes system. The federal education minister kept the schools closed in Punjab. Thus, the students from Sindh and Baluchistan felt heartbroken. The memers targeted them too. 

Suez Canal Blockage Memes

The hilarious blockage that cost more than 50 billion USD loss to the global trade resulted in hundreds of memes. The incident was highly predictable due to misuse of the Suez Canal as a shortcut. A large vessel was not supposed to or even recommended to pass through such a narrow-angle. Still, it was going on for so many years and now finally resulted in a lifetime lesson for companies and governments. Memes to mock the flawed systems were inevitable. They even made fun of the questionable rescue efforts too.

Bernie Sanders Memes

Who can forget the memorable inauguration day of US President Joe Biden? Americans were too busy in celebrating the kick-out of Donald Trump that they did not pay attention to what kind of man they were electing next. Anyways, the best thing to come out of the whole election was the memes on Bernie Sanders, a candidate who dropped out of the presidential race.

WhatsApp Update Memes

Among all the memes on WhatsApp, the app won the funniest memes 2021 competition after its new update. Apparently, the application updated its status feature according to which, the users could see the app’s status. The status was supposed to reveal the newly updated policies by the company. It was for the users’ convenience that they could easily get to know the plans of the company regarding the app’s innovation. Despite the company’s efforts, the trollers started making jokes about it. They witnessed public concerns and portrayed them as puns on social media. Hence gave some of the best memes of 2021 to the world. The WhatsApp memes turned out to be funny enough for many users that they started flooding the platforms. They also made fun of Mar Zuckerberg since they thought he was trying to communicate with the users of WhatsApp. 

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