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Funny India vs Pakistan Memes that Explain Historic T20 World Cup Match

Pakistan has defeated India by 10 wickets in T20 World Cup 2020 cricket match, making it historic in many ways. India scored 151 runs on the loss of 7 wickets while batting first. Pakistani team captain Babar Azam scored 68 runs in a record partnership with Muhammad Rizwan who scored 79 runs. The opening duo remained not-out and chased the target of 152 in 17.5 overs. The contest itself was much entertaining due to teams being the arch-rivals. However, it was the social media commentary in the form of India vs Pakistan memes that added to the amusement. Whether it was the presence of Akshay Kumar, the surprised face of Virat Kohli, the excitement of Indo-Pak fans in the stadium, or an overall view of what this match means to the rival nations, there was hardly anything that viewers missed.

Commentary of the Match through India vs Pakistan Memes

During India’s innings, Pakistani fans wished for Kohli to get back to the pavilion as soon as possible as he was the one adding to the scoreboard for his team and even made the half-century. Folks were using the references of her celebrity wife Anushka Sharma. Later, during Pakistan’s innings when chances of India’s loss started becoming imminent, social media users came up with that historic Anushka Sharma meme from Sui Dhaga to depict how she would probably react after today’s loss. And, this couldn’t explain things in a more hilarious way.

Akshay Kumar in Stalemate

Surprisingly, most of India vs Pakistan memes from T20 World Cup Match were about Akshay Kumar. The famous Bollywood actor who remains in news for his conservative-nationalist stance remained a trending topic throughout the match and even after. The actor is already meme material. However, this time he was on the target of trolls for in the beginning he was shown cheering his team, and later when Pakistan’s win became obvious, his expressions became stern; this was the point when memers kicked in.

Maybe, now it would be difficult for the actor to get some Movie subject (like making a biopic of any cricketer) out of this match as his team had lost.

Pakistani Brands Taking Jibe at the Indian Brands

While people on both sides of the border were engaged in a war of words on social media, even the brands didn’t lag behind. Ride-hailing and delivery app Careem added to India vs Pakistan memes by taking a dig at Indian food delivery app Zomato. And, it just seemed like a perfect marketing tactic.

Who Is the Real Winner?

Whether these were Pakistanis flexing about their win, Indians asking to reflect, or people from both sides wishing to see more such matches in the future; there was a lot of content that social media had to offer. While Pakistanis on one side were using famous Sholay movie dialogue Kitnay Aadmi thay (How many men were there) to boost about how only two batsmen were enough to bead India, they were also applauding Indian batsman Virat Kohli for his sportsman spirit.

Well, the most interesting of all the India vs Pakistan memes was about Sarim Akhtar; the man of angry cricket fan meme fame from the 2019 world cup was finally happy.

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