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Funny Memes that Admire Shafqat Mehmood for Closing Schools in Pakistan

Social media users are flooding the timelines to express the student’s feelings through funny memes regarding the closure of educational institutes. The minister of education, Shafqat Mehmood announced that both private and government educational institutes shall remain closed from November 26 till January 11. He strictly stated that no educational institutes should continue to teach. His announcement became a factor of contentment for students.

Funny Memes Explained Student’s Reaction Very Well

Memes have become a global trend to entertain people while explaining a situation. Just like in September 2020, the funny reactions on reopening educational institutes shed light on how students felt about the  Provincial Minister of Punjab for School Education.

Now, the funny memes are explaining the current news regarding the closure of educational institutes. However, these memes are allegedly portraying how students are showing their love towards the education minister for his decision.

This universal meme from the Munna Bhai MBBS scene never fails to amaze. The students loved that Shafqat Mehmood had done a great job by closing the schools, colleges, and universities.

Most of the funny memes were just aimed at proving how Shafqat Mehmood has proved himself a hero for this.

The undergraduates, schoolchildren, and learners are congratulating each other as they are going to stay home and enjoy online classes rather than going to their institutes in winters.

It appears to be a fun thing for students to sit back at home and enjoy vacations. The hilarious memes show how happy the students are by knowing they will not go to their schools, colleges, or universities till January.  

Those Who Are Not Happy With The Decision

Well, not everyone seems so delighted to see students back to home and learning through screens. It is obviously going to be a heavy toll for parents as this meme says.

MDCAT students who will attend their regular classes due to their upcoming exams are not entirely happy with the decision since it doesn’t benefit them. It doesn’t matter to them because they are supposed to keep up with their routine.

Why The Sudden Decision For Closing All The Institutions?

Primarily, Educational Institutions are believed to be very crowded places because of a good number of students and teachers. Secondly, Pakistan is facing the second wave of covid19 that is spreading very quickly among the population. On November 23 Pakistan’s positive test ratio was more than 7% which was probably the highest in the last few months.

Consequently, the government decided to close the educational institutions and switch it to online learning for students.

A few months back, it seemed like Pakistan had stopped the virus from spreading. However now, the situation has reversed a relatively severe strain of Covid 19 is again making people sick and increasing mortality rate.

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