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These Funny Memes Show How 2020 Has Devastated Everyone’s Plans

Meme makers provide another painfully accurate take on how 2020 is troubling everyone. The wildfires endangered forests, the coronavirus pandemic has made the future seem uncertain, the economic crisis is on the rise, and not to forget the global humanitarian crisis. In this situation, the internet is the only place where people can find some relief. Some funny memes about this particular chaos caused by the pandemic are circling the internet from the past few weeks.

These memes show how the excitement of making plans is canceled by an invisible enemy on the loose.

Funny Memes about 2020 Devastating Plans

These funny memes are based on various references from popular culture to current affairs. It is possible that some people might not get the references because of a particular element but every meme is common in explaining that the year 2020 was definitely kryptonite for human beings. The way people are explaining the impacts of 2020 is going to be funnier than those work from home memes.

Pride Comes Before The Fall

Arguably the best way to describe the year 2020 for everyone is relating it with an infamous iceberg. A massive ship that was claimed to be unsinkable was shattered after colliding with this iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. Anyone who has watched the Titanic can know what is it all about.

Caught In The Numbers

Mathematics is a wonderful way which is why it can perfectly define the year 2020 for everyone. The following expression does not mean anything because if x=1 then f(x)=0/0, where division by zero is undefined in mathematics. Therefore, the year 2020 is undefined and has divided everyone’s plan by 0.

Wildfires Started Burning The Plans

This year was a shock from the very beginning. This is a simple game of thrones meme displaying destruction caused by a wildfire which was started intentionally. It was started to punish the left-wing politics of this princess on the left.

But The Tea Was Fantastic

2020 came before 2020 for Indian Wing Commander Abinandhan. The Pakistan Army still displayed mercy by releasing him after lock-up and a minor torture with some pipping hot tea. However, India reacted ungratefully to this gesture that promoted peace. 

The Ultimate Disappointment

This meme nods to a star-studded Bollywood movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum. In this movie Amitabh Bachan was shown as the strict patriarch of a family. When his son and daughter-in-law got married, he disowned them to cancel their plans of living happily ever after. 2020 did something similar to the people.

The Final Blow

This user shows if 2020 had a face how it would look like from a super-hit animated movie, The Lion King. Scar (right) was the ultimate bad guy who took an opportunity to kill his brother so he can usurp the title of King. In the year 2020, the plans are hanging from the cliff while coronavirus is waiting for its next glorious moment. It just adds to some of the funnies the lion king memes.

Some More Funny Memes

Everyone who knows how devastating this herv is for Biryani can relate to this.

Well, bollywood buffs can understand what does this mean.

This is something really hilarious.

The year 2020 has been merciless so far on humanity. But in these testing times this humor in the form of memes (something which is so prominent feature of social media entertainment) is giving people reasons to smile.

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