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Funny Ramadan Memes that Explain the Struggle of this Month

The holy month of Ramadan when Muslims around the world observe fast has just started. these 30 days of spiritual purifications are no less than ablessing for the followers of the Islam who believe that they have got a chance to absolve their sins, perform good deeds and kindness to fellow beings and establish a connection to almighty by fasting for Him. While this month is all about sacred religious practices the social media brigade, in a bid to keep up with the tradition of making everything hilarious, has come up with funny Ramadan memes.

The good aspect of such funny stuff is that it beautifully explains the struggles of Muslims in this month without compromising on sanctity.

Well, we have not exclusively focused on the struggles of fast observers and tried to include all that fun stuff that seems relatable to this month.

Relatable and Hilarious Ramadan Memes

Without wasting the time let’s have a look at this interesting content for which the credit goes to Pakistani social media users.

The real struggle begins from Sahri.

The real challenge is to have sehri in time.

Well, this Ramadan meme accurately describes the condition of every person who drinks enough water in the end just to make sure that they don’t feel thirsty all day.

A real depiction of what is the priority of moms in sehri

As a matter of fact, this greasy food in Iftar is what many people miss the most.

Reality check for those who can’t change themselves in Ramadan. Well, this realization is indeed true.

Those Ramadan Memes with Political Content

This news of Chief Justice of Pakistan talking about suspension of internet service from Sehri to Iftar is indeed a shock. And, this guy’s complaint also manifests the political situation of the country.

This take on Imran Khan who recently married Bushra Maneka.

This Twitter user has made a perfect meme out of the picture that made Mahira Khan controversial. The stuff is for those smokers who wait for Iftar only to smoke again.

 Judgments on Suddenly Becoming Pious in Ramadan

Here we have Ramadan memes that elaborate how people often judge those who fervently practice religion for rest of the year and suddenly become pious by offering prayers.

This man has come up with a perfect reply for those who judge others on becoming suddenly religious. Who you are to judge.

In the end Happy Ramadan to all the Muslims around the globe and wishes for the best month ahead for all the human beings.

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