The Weirdest Reasons Why People Call In Sick For Work

People Call In Sick
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We all have a day when for no reason we just want to call in sick and do nothing. Well here are some of the weirdest reasons why people have called in sick.

You Can’t Call In Sick without These Reasons

It’s a well-known fact the women love to shop and above all men do love their shoes. It’s a fun fact that after makeup and handbags, women’s shoes have the highest sale worldwide. Some companies as an incentive give their senior female employees a shoe allowance. So when girls call in sick it is because there’s a shoe sale you know it’s serious.

We all at times drink too much and suffer from a severe hangover and need to take the day off. Now imagine calling your boss in that state and instead of saying your suffering from a severe headache you end up say the following.

Singers have some of the craziest fans in the world who would follow them to the ends of the Earth if needed. There have been incidents where people have taken a year-long vacation just to follow their favorite bands or musicians.

Can’t Stop Binge-Watching

Binge-watching is becoming a serious problem and psychologists are very concerned about it. In some cases, patients have reported not leaving their house or apartment for several days. They just kicked back and binge-watched their favorite show. It is also an issue of mental health that impacts career prospects in great ways.

At times people get stuck in a situation where they face a tough time to get out of, as a result of this they need a day off as the whole process they have to go through was tiresome. So all they need is call out sick.

Sometimes people wind up with some of the most insane and annoying coworkers who they can’t stand and just to avoid harming them we decide to take a leave.

Hating Your Job Is Another Reason