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Reporters Share Some Funny Work from Home Videos

Blunders are must as employees around the world are making a transition to remote work because of coronavirus pandemic. Interesting and often entertaining things are happening during video calls; at least this is what a look at these funny work from home videos reveals.

Workers have traded their usual colleagues with toddlers and with furry friends something which has contributed to the most of hilarious work from home memes.

News casting and reporting is serious profession which doesn’t remain that funny when kids keep on peeping in live reporting.

Reporters Share work from home blunders through Funny Work from Home Videos

There is nothing more compelling than watching how a thing goes wrong in an interesting and amusing way. So sit back, relax and watch some funny work from home videos

Weather reporter Jennifer Ketchmark continued her duty of weather reporting from home after lockdown. But she faced continuous interruption from her kids who were trying to get her attention.

I am on Tv Kids

A video of dad during live talk on Tv went viral for his daughter kept demanding for 10 pounds. Jonathan Ashworth, Shadow Secretary of State for Health faced a new challenge during a live talk on the current circumstanceswhen his daughter gave a guest appearance and asked for 10 pound from him. He tried to push her away but failed to do so.

Reporter Elysia Rodriguez has shared the video of live talk with Michelle Wu Boston City Councilor on news related to rent relief of Boston resident while talking kids of councilor just appeared in room and kept disturbing her.

Family Member Mandatory Appearance

Here is another one of those funny work from home videos. It is a a self-made funny video from a YouTuber about the challenges a reporter faces when he works from home. The video has brought some rib tickling laughter. 

Work from Home with A Furry Partner

Work from home seems a real struggle when cat appeares on screen

Phillip Molnar the Reporter at the San Diego Union-Tribune has apparently hires a new assistance during work from home

Reporter’s Funny Studio Set Up

This Studio setup by Thai reporter with his dog assistance during reporting is indeed a must to include stuff in funny work from home videos.

Reporter Mercedes Williams used iPhone and desk lamp for the light during reporting and the whole setup looks so raw.

BBC reporter David McClelland has taken work from home to a new level by setting up a live rig in his kitchen

BBC weather reporter Owain Wyn Evans shared the video of his weather reporting and missed the BBC title music afterwards. So he set-up a drum and play it after finishing his report. This is something that really makes it eligible for entertaining as well funny work from home videos.

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