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Future Impact of Qandeel Baloch on Pakistani Modeling

The name of Qandeel Baloch remains synonymous with the rebellion. She took against her family to pursue her dream of modeling. Albeit bold and controversial, she took a different path to becoming famous. She did achieve her fame with her bold social media videos on Facebook.

Her social media prowess would keep on growing with her bold cinematography. She would often come online to post content. Her content would attract both admirers and criticizers in a conservative Muslim society of Pakistan.

Will Qandeel Baloch Impact Modeling Girls in Pakistan?

It is not an easy answer. There is not much that has changed since Qandeel Baloch was brutally murdered in cold bold by her drug addict brother. Despite remaining in Pakistani celebrity news for such a long time, no one could have dreaded such an end to this modeling diva.

She was controversial, and also Qandeel Baloch family did not give her any encouragement to participate in bold photo shoots. Any Qandeel Baloch video would only prove to gather for her more followers. Little did she know that death was waiting for her at her home.

Conservative society in Pakistan may not have approved her methods of getting famous albeit were equally saddened by her demise at such a young age. Some term Qandeel Baloch’s death as honor killing yet others say that her fame without involving any media outlet made her a lot more controversial. Before Qandeel Baloch’s death, she had released a video with Mufti Abdul Qawi too which many say may have agitated her brother to take her life.

Qandeel Baloch Pakistani Model News

The art of remaining in the media news was something she became apt at over time. Private Pakistani TV Channels would talk about almost every other video she would post online. She is not the only social media celebrity in Pakistan. Many others also post their videos on social media, but probably she crossed that line of decency that many see for women in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Will Qandeel Baloch Become an Ideal for Future Pakistani Models?

Future Impact of Qandeel Baloch on Pakistani ModelingIt is not an easy path for any female model to take. She may have inspired a lot of young aspiring girls trying to find a modeling career in Pakistan. However, she remains a controversial personality. She also appeared in one singing contest’s audition but was ridiculed by the judging celebrities present at that time. Many believe, the denial of entry into the mainstream media may have led her to take the path she took into the modeling industry. Despite all this, she remains one of the most searched celebrities in Pakistan.

Saba Qamar’s Movie on Qandeel Baloch

Saba Qamar, one of the famous TV actors in Pakistan is playing the character of Qandeel Baloch in an upcoming drama. She has already shared some shots of her upcoming biopic where she would take the lead title. The show with the name Baaghi (rebel) as she was, going against all the odds to become such a famous social media celebrity in a short span of time.

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