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G20 Protests Erupt in Hamburg Germany

The anti-capitalist G20 protest remains strong, entering into the second day. The police officers in riot gears are trying to stop the protesters from entering the Red Zone. Some other G20 protests include small group sit-ins across Hamburg in Germany.

The police tried to disperse the crowd using water cannons. But, the participants of the G20 protests are using rain gear and umbrellas to wear off the water. The participants of the G20 protests are also trying to cross the barricades to go into the restricted area. Among protesters of the G20, there is a group of protestors named “Color of the Red Zone.” This group is trying to make traveling difficult for the leaders of the 20 countries to move from one place to other by blocking roads to the venue.

The ‘G20 – Welcome to Hell’ March

The march started on Thursday night, planned to eventually move to the venue for the G20 summit after moving from Hamburg’s harbor. However, the protestors were stopped while walking just 300 meters towards the venue. Police did ask one of the groups to remove their face masks, but the group attacked them using stones and bottles. The police then separated the group from the rest of the crowd.

Several other G20 protests were targeted using water and pepper spray. The protestors spread into the side streets. The participants of the G20 protests reemerged in the evening and held a peaceful march. Some of the protesters use fire crackers and used bins to block riot police’s way.

G20 Protests on First Meeting of Trump and Putin

The marchers turned violent and wild after the peaceful march. The apparently harmless protesters started setting the cars on fire. There were skirmishes reported across different regions of Hamburg including Altona and St Pauli districts. Around 100,000 protesters are estimated to gather and protest against the G20 Summit on Saturday.

Injuries to the Police

G20 Protests Erupt in Hamburg GermanyThe protests have resulted in injuring several riots police officers in Hamburg. Some estimates suggest around 76 police officers have got injured because of the G20 protests. Emergency services took one of the police officers to the hospital because of an eye injury.

Some protesters also used bottles and bricks to attack the riots police. The attack resulted in breaking of windows. Media reports estimate that the original protest had around 12,000 people.

The police, which could not initially control the mob, had to call for reinforcements. Later, around 20,000 more riot police officers joined the effort to control the G20 protests.

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