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What Game of Thrones Trailer Reveals About Final Season of Show

The much-awaited Game of Thrones trailer for season 8 is making fans sad at the prospect that their favorite characters are going to die at the end. It has been less than 24 hours since trailer hit the streaming media and we have already got plenty of memes explaining fans’ reactions.

While we all want a plot that doesn’t play with our sentiments the writer of this all times favorite HBO drama is surely having a good laugh.

What Does Game of Thrones Trailer Reveal ?

Do you remember the Game of Thrones season 8 teaser that HBO dropped few months before? The crypt of Winterfell and four lead characters staring at their statues in them were prominent in the teaser that gave us a glimpse into their tragic end.

The trailer is no less different and equally arousing the suspense,

Well, it is not so easy to analyse the Game of Thrones trailer as one needs to pay a close attention to what is actually happening.

Still few things are obvious…

Two Phases of Arya Stark

We are confused about what fate Arya Stark is going to meet in the final season. Game of Thrones trailer shows two faces of Arya Stark. At one place she seems ready to face death and looks confident but in another place, she is roaming in halls with blood bathed face and a dispersed look.

An Active Cersei’s Army

There was a mention of Golden Company in Season 7 finale; Well they will be in action in season 8. Greyjoy’s fleet in the open sea as shown in Game of Thrones trailer belongs to them. The army is likely to be commanded by Euron Grejoy as per the instructions of Queen Cersei. So, this is going to bring an interesting twist of events.

They Are Coming

Seeing Sansa Stark surprised over the sight of dragons is the most amusing thing. From the last seasons, we saw phrases like Winter is coming, and The North Remembers. This time it is “They are coming” may be in Winterfell and they refer to Khaleesi and Jon Snow. From here we will see the Battle of the Winterfell with some state of the art war scenes.

Well, these are the main things we spotted from the Game of Thrones trailer along with some confusing moves from Lannister sibblings along with Queen Cersei. With too much suspense and curiosity fans can’t seem to wait more for the final season.

Those who think that the fun will be over after season 8 shouldn’t lose heart. The reports are coming for a possible Game of Thrones prequel in works. So, it all begins again with some new characters and new story line but in the same plane.

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