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5 Natural Ways to Use Garlic for Hair Growth

Garlic is not only an ingredient but a magical natural product for promoting hair growth. This vegetable that adds taste to the food has a miraculous impact on restoring the lost hair and increasing the length of existing one. One obvious method of using natural ingredients like garlic for hair growth is that it has little to no side effects, as compared to synthetic products that remain beneficial only for short term.

You already know benefits of eating raw garlic on an empty stomach. Here, is a brief account of how to use garlic for hair growth.

The process of utilizing natural herbs and vegetables requires leveraging different procedures. One can use garlic either in raw form, by crushing it and squeezing out its juice or by mixing it with some essential oils.

How to use garlic for hair growth

  1. By Mixing with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the useful products that help hair grow. Using this oil with garlic helps promote hair growth manifolds. To prepare a mixture, take one tablespoon of coconut oil and a small quantity of garlic juice, and heat it and then it is ready for use. Now, massage this mixture on the scalp and apply it to hair roots and tips. You can also heat up the coconut oil with crushed garlic rather than its juice.

  1. Garlic Infusion with Olive Oil

One way to use garlic for hair growth is to infuse it with olive oil. The process is straightforward. One needs to soak garlic cloves in olive oil. The proportion should be as one clove per tablespoon of olive oil. The second step is to keep this suspension in the refrigerator for two weeks and then strain out the garlic. The remaining olive oil is the perfect hair care product that helps them grow.

Garlic for Hair Growth

  1. A mixture of Honey and Garlic Juice

One of the most effective garlic products is the mixture of garlic juice and honey. The product is as intense as applying fresh Aloe Vera on hair along with onion juice. Users whose skin is sensitive to garlic juice or honey should take care of utilizing this mixture.

Take one tablespoon of garlic juice and mix it with one tablespoon of honey. Keep in mind that eight garlic cloves will be needed to use one tablespoon of garlic juice. Now, apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it for 60 minutes before washing out.

  1. Using Garlic with Ginger

The combination of garlic and ginger proves to be the perfect ingredient for delicious and tasty dishes. Make a paste by blending ginger and garlic. The proportion should include two inches piece of ginger and eight cloves of garlic. Now heat this pulp with a carrier oil. Make sure to discard the pulp after the oil has been cooled down. Don’t apply warm oil to hair. After this, gently use the oil to cover the hair length and massage it on the scalp. Allow this oil to remain on hair for 30 minutes and wash it with shampoo. You can also use conditioner for finishing, but it is not necessary.

  1. Make Garlic Oil

One way to use garlic for hair growth is to apply it in the form of oil. Garlic oil in itself is an intense product that has many benefits for hair growth. The processing of this oil takes almost 45 minutes and procedure of its preparation is somehow similar to that of garlic and ginger mixture.

For making this oil, you need eight cloves of garlic, ½ cup of carrier oil that can be coconut oil or olive oil and one medium sized onion.

Now blend onion and ginger to get the pulp. Now heat the oil and add pulp to it. Again, heat the oil with pulp. Let the oil to cool down, by taking it off the stove after pulp turns brown. And, throw the pulp away.

Apply the garlic oil to entire hair and gently massage the scalp for 15 minutes. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo after thirty minutes.

It is better to use garlic for hair growth for thrice a week or at least twice a week for obtaining quick results.

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