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Gay Marriage Australia Finally Gets the Approval

The gay marriage Australia approval finally comes like many other parts of the world. Large number of voters were behind legalizing marriage in Australia. It took many months of marriage equality Australia campaigning, to see this day.

Votes for Gay Marriage Australia

There was voting determining if the government could allow the it to take place. An overwhelming number of people have voted in its support. The reports suggest millions of people voting for LGBT rights in Australia. However, around 62 percent or 7.82 million of the people voted in the favor of same-sex wedlock and around 4.87 people or around 38 percent were against it.

Parliamentary Vote for Legalizing Gay Marriage in Australia

The Prime Minister of the country stated that it is a great moment in the nation’s history. Furthermore, he added that he looks forward to gay marriage Australia once the parliament approves it. He also said that he has already got so many invitations from the couples of the same gender marrying next year.

Gay Marriage Australia Finally Gets the Approval

A Political Turmoil in the Making

Many consider it as an unnecessary political gamble that the party took. They believe that many of the voters of the ruling party did not rule in the favor of these rights. Typical constituencies include western suburbs in parts of Sydney. Many of the voters there have voted against it.

Is the Debate on Gay Marriage Australia Still On?

The PM has already put the ball in the court of the Australian parliament. Therefore, the debate is not yet over. Dean Smith, a Liberal senator has already introduced a bill for legalizing gay marriage in the country. The bill would open for the debate and government does not have any position on it as of now. The bill also contains provisions not allowing religion ministers to oversee such wedding events.

There are many ongoing gay marriage Australia debates if the religious ministries should be allowed to conduct such ceremonies. Different senators hold varying opinions on this matter. Some are not apparently happy with it and say that it should not have been placed. Others suggest that they need more amendments to it before the final approval. Furthermore, some of the ministers say that the bill requires religious protections before it can be legalized. So, despite all the joy and general public acceptance of same-sex weddings, it will take a lot more legislation and time before anyone could legally commit to such relationship.

Gay and transgender people around the world are struggling to get their rights. The recent ban of transgender in the US military is one example of the increase in their struggle.

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