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Gaza Bombings 2020- World Leaders Continue to Ignore Plight of Palestinians

Activists concerned over human rights violations due to Ghaza Bombings 2020 that reportedly lasted for 7 days are condemning the international community for turning a blind eye towards Palestinians. According to Israeli defence forces, an Islamist militant group Hamas sent incendiary balloons across the border for which Israel retaliated with an airstrike which lasted till the 8th day.

Recent reports on social media suggest that the continued bombing by Israel destroyed the only power plant of Gaza which will deprive the region of electricity. Apart from that, Israel has also blocked a border crossing threatening the food scarcity for Palestinians in Gaza.

Israeli forces maintain that they were only attacking the bases of Hamas group. Reportedly there was a truce between Israel and Hamas which was supported by the UN, Egypt, and Qatar. However both parties have been clashing occasionally ever since.

Meanwhile protests were held in several countries over the controversial peace deal between UAE and Israel. It was widely speculated that this deal was a classic case of deception which took place especially to distract mainstream media from the more pressing events happening elsewhere.

The Causes of Gaza Bombings 2020

Israeli army said that they were engaged in number of conflicts at the Gaza-Israeli border. Dozens of Palestinians protested by burning wheels and hurling explosive objects at the security fence of the border.

According to the Gaza health ministry, two protestors were heavily wounded by Israeli fire. Israel forces claimed that Hamas controls Gaza and sends numerous makeshift explosive to Israel causing fire. They added that on Saturday alone, there were 19 attacks of such nature which included weapons like rockets and balloons.

Israel claimed to attack in retaliation by carrying out airstrikes on Hamas targets repeatedly over the past week. The targets that were destroyed in the attack included a military compound and an underground facility allegedly belonging to Hamas. Israel also closed Kerem Shalom border crossing which reduced Gaza’s Mediterranean coastal fishing zone.

Impact Of Attacks On Gaza

According to the World Bank, there are approximately 2 million people in Gaza and half of them are living in poverty. In order to intimidate the group of max 20,000 militants, Israelite forces destroyed the lives of 2 million people by blocking their sources of food and electricity. The total reserve force of Israel is 565,000 which can easily take out 20,000 local militants in less destructive fashion than this.

The power cut will obviously cause problems in the health sector as daily electric supply would reduce to only 3 to 4 hours in the hospitals. Moreover, several environmental issues will rise along with the gradual decrease in access to water.

Israeli forces did not report any causalities from their operation in Gaza. They solely held Hamas responsible for what’s happening in Gaza and threatened to deliver severe consequences. Nevertheless, there was no previous coverage regarding this news so the public would have to believe what Israelites forces have said about the events in Gaza. One social media user shared an interesting thought which will be overlooked as mere sarcasm

Worldwide Protests For Palestine

Thousands protested against the controversial deal in different countries. In South Africa, human rights organizations held a protest on behalf of Palestinians and demanded the release of one Palestinian activist who was imprisoned on the charge of associating with an illegal party. He was later released by an Israeli court

Pakistanis also displayed their love with Palestine by declaring that they will never recognize Israel. They placed the Israeli flag under their feet and resented the king of UAE for making that decision.

Palestinians declared UAE as traitors outside Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

This protest was held out UAE embassy in Tehran, Iran. It also included sheer anger which resulted in burningd flags of the US, UAE, and Israel. Only flags left standing, in the end, were Palestinians

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