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This FaceApp Feature Is Making People Fall in Love with Themselves

Faceapp is a mobile application developed by a Russian company named Wireless Labs. It was released in 2016 and attracted a large number of youngsters all over the world. This app can transform a face to make it look differently. It can artificially make expressions on the face, look younger or older, or even change the gender.

It is often trending on social media where people share their digitally morphed faces. It is trending once again probably due to the loneliness caused by social distancing and isolation. The lack of human contact has forced people to use Faceapp to turn themselves into the opposite gender. Unfortunately, most of them have probably fallen in love with their digitally crafted self. Few years back it was Faceapp’s age filter that went viral on now this is the gender-swapping feature.

FaceApp Feature of Male to Female Transformation

Here it can be seen that boys are having their way with the app. They wanted to see how they would look as a girl. Apparently they are more than surprised by the result

Someone would definitely need his number. Or more appropriately “her” number

The app can also make the male face more sparkly and bright like female.

A cute face will have cute results.

It’s hard to tell if right one is a fake or digital.

Men can’t believe how hot they look as a woman

They are literally wishing if they were as gorgeous as girls.

He seems like ready to marry himself.

Perhaps this one is more eager to marry himself

Doesn’t he look like Rakhi Sawant? Who is often in the news due to controversial remarks

Female To Male Transformation

Girls are also not coming slow. They shared their Faceapp photos to prove they can look more handsome than the boys.

It even changes the skin color to match male skin.

Some girls turned out to look like celebrities.

She didn’t fell in love with herself.

Her dimple is still there.

No wonders why this Faceapp feature is making people fall in love with themselves.

Some are sad with the output because it would make them look like their brothers and cousins.

Some girls may find their male version hotter than most real men through this revealing FaceApp feature.

.And some are happy the way they are.

How Does FaceApp Feature Works?

Faceapp’s program uses machine learning to manipulate images fed by the user. There are various manipulation features available depending on the free or paid versions. This ability to recognize and modifying faces according to the desired effect comes after using a subset of neural networks called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN).

These networks are shaped on the neuronal processes carried out by the human brain. These networks are trained to recognize and manipulate specific tasks. Much like the brain, the training data travels through multiple layers while extracts specific features along the way to make up the particular set of data.

In GAN, two neural networks are operating; a generator and a discriminator. Both of these work against each other so that the created image is somehow realistic. The generator’s job is to generate an image from a list of random numbers (also called noise vectors). These random numbers make sure that there are variations in the generated image so the output image is different every time. 

Discriminator on the other hand, criticizes the image generated by the Generator. It uses real-world data to critique those images and keeps rejecting the flawed parts until the Generator passes each criterion of Discriminator. This is why any Faceapp feature is able to create a realistic image most of the time. Once the photo is transformed, it can be saved and shared on the designated social media platform.

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