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George Floyd Gets Justice after Derek Chauvin is Found Guilty of Murder

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, the court of law convicted Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer of murder. The jury found him guilty of killing an innocent African-American man, George Floyd. The final verdict turned out to be a historic moment for the supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement and for those who are standing up to racism in the United States of America. 

On May 27, 2020, Chauvin with three other Minneapolis police officials became the reason for an innocent’s painful death. The recently convicted was the one who held his knee against the deceased’s neck until he died. The victim kept crying to release him but his efforts were all in vain. The other two cops stood there and watched the brutality on the black instead of helping him out. The video of the heinous crime committed by a police officer went viral over the internet and awoke a massive wave of protests against the culprit. Floyd’s death was one of the most tragic events of 2020.

Trial Details Of George Floyd Murder Case

Reportedly, the jury encountered all the evidence that could help the murder case of George Floyd. Forty-five witnesses presented their statements before the panel. They described how helpless they felt in that particular moment when they couldn’t stop the law enforcement representatives from committing the crime. Besides, the adjudicators watched the video footage of the crime for several hours. 

Philonise Floyd, George’s younger brother, and Courtney Ross, Floyd’s girlfriend took the stand in order to tell the member about the deceased’s personality and background. Their statement probably let the penal know more about Floyd as a person. 

According to the defense attorney, Eric Nelson, George Floyd didn’t die just because Derek Chauvin pressurized his neck with his knee but drug use became a partial reason for his death. As per his argument, Derek was only following the police training to constraint Mr. Floyd. On the contrary, the prosecutor, Steve Schleicher concluded the case by telling the respected group about the incident’s details. The victim could not breathe as he gasped 27 times before he took his last breath. The officer kept him pressurized under his knee for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Moreover, the expert witnesses shed light on how the victim died due to the lack of oxygen caused by the police officers who didn’t let him breathe. 

Lastly, Derek Chauvin invoked his right to not testify and present the court with his responses. 

Charges Against Derek Chauvin

The court charged Derek Chauvin with second-degree (unintentional) murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. The police handcuffed him after the final verdict and took him in custody. According to public opinions, the guilty will probably serve decades in jail. 

Since last year, every American who despised the criminal act performed by Derek Chauvin has been asking about the George Floyd murder case progress. These people protested against racism and those who commit it. Also, the protesters kept fixating on punishing the person responsible for the death of the innocent black man. The American attorney, Ben Chump shared his response on social media as he mentioned that this verdict was a turning point in the state’s history. Providing justice to the people of color is progress in improving the county and its judicial system.  

A Wave of Happiness Among the Supporters

The supporters of George Floyd and those US protesters who raised their voices against racism felt joyous after the news of Derek Chauvin’s conviction. Hundreds of people gathered outside the courtroom and celebrated the defeat of injustice and prejudice against people of color. 

Some people opined that this decision has rewritten history by punishing a man who deserved it due to the harm he caused to a harmless and innocent man. 

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