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What Happened to Police Officer Responsible for George Floyd Murder

A 46-year-old African-American, George Floyd was murdered on 27th May by the inappropriate arresting method of a white Police officer in Minneapolis. The officer pressed his knee against the neck of George while he was handcuffed and laying on his chest. It seemed like a whole lot of racial hatred was diverted towards one man.

George cried for release numerous times but the officer continued his violence until he could not breathe. The tragic murder was filmed showing the cop removing his knee when George finally dies. A passerby confirmed in a video that they (police officers) just killed him.

How Many Cops Were Involved In George Floyd Murder?

There were a total of four officers and the one who killed George was named Derek Chauvin. Three other officers who were watching the show instead of trying to help George are reportedly named J. Alexander Kueng, Tou Thao, and Thomas Lane.

According to the video evidence, these police officers faced no threat from the victim so the applied force was not even necessary. It is like if the officer wanted this exact same result. 

Protests And Riots In Different Cities Of America

People have gone to extreme lengths in showing support for the black people dying as a result of racism. Riots and protests that started after the death are still active on the second day. People actively demanded justice for George on the streets and in the media. Questions about race are being raised as to why it is still a problem in America. How can a country that claims to be progressive can be so backwards?

Some protestors sprayed the word ‘murderer’ outside the house of the officer who killed George. In many other cities, a police patrol car was attacked, stores and buildings were looted, and structures and objects were set on fire. The people made it clear that if the US wants peace then it must deliver justice.

Decades have passed since slavery got abolished in the United States of America but black human beings remain an outcast. The stories of cops and citizens discriminating against the people of color continue making headlines. Even there are cases of black citizens facing violence not because of their crimes but merely on the basis of the color of their skin. In July 2019 the murder of a teen Elijah Al Ameen provoked every person concerned for human rights. The victim met his fate because he was listening to a black rapper.

The Victim’s Family Calls For The Arrest Of The Killer

The city of Minneapolis has reportedly relieved the four cops from their duty and also asked George’s lawyer to press charges against the former cop, Derek Chauvin. His act was uncalled for and didn’t represent the professional ethics of a police officer.

Many white police officers in the United States have a tendency to conduct violence against black men with low-level offenses. This murderer now has an opportunity to spend jail time and understand how the abuse of power can lead to the death of humanity.

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