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Your Way to Get Rid of Facebook Addiction in 2018

Let’s admit that Facebook is an addiction worth getting rid of. The loss in productivity apart, it makes the users look stupid for gazing on smartphones screen for hours that too without any reason. Mental-sickness replaces the Facebook addiction as an alternate word if later makes the user anti-social even being among the crowd.

Users who are addicted to social media websites like Facebook, can’t stop checking the latest updates, notifications from pages, newsfeed, and comments on their post. It is better to get rid of a habit if it becomes a distraction and starts interfering with the daily routine.

Dumping the Facebook addiction is not such a difficult task. A user just needs to diagnose the problem and admit the fact that Facebook has taken over his life. Rest of the process is easy and requires acting upon following steps.

1. Calculate the Benefit of Leaving Facebook

First of all, look for the real motivation for steering clear of Facebook. Count on the alternative tasks you can do otherwise. Not wasting your time on aimlessly scrolling through your news-feed can make you spend time with your family, take a leisure stroll through a park give a bit of your time to studies and engage in some healthy sports.

2. Measure the Cost of Facebook Addiction

Here, you can take a more realistic approach towards things. Just take account of how Facebook addiction is making you lose on crucial things. Is not it jeopardizing your future? Well, many students face the issue. They can’t resist checking notifications even during their studies. Consequently, they suffer failures for being a victim of another nervous habit.

To see the picture in a precise manner, check out this video by a famous vlogger, Zaid Ali.

3. Start from Unfollowing Pages and Friends

Begin with the short-term goals. First of all, identify the pages and friends that may interest you the least. In this way, you would unburden your newsfeed from additional updates.  You can also unfollow the pages that offer comic and humorous stuff; this would save most of your time. Well, Facebook also provides an entertainment in the form social humor and hilarious memes, but this thing is available on other platforms as well.

4. Look for Alternate Resources

Victims of Facebook addiction argue that they use this media just to get information. Well, this is merely an illusion. In reality, the credit of this modern post-truth world goes to the fake news spread via social media. If getting the latest information on various issues is such necessary, then one should subscribe some authentic news resources.

5. Uninstall the Messenger

As part of dealing with Facebook addiction, you must consider uninstalling the messenger app. At least, you wouldn’t foolishly check your smartphone every hour to see the messages from your friends. For the sake of ease, choose a systematic approach and assign a particular time for replying to the folks.

6. Finally, Deactivate Your Facebook Account

There is no better way of combating Facebook addiction than deactivating your account. Just do it and feel fresh. People who succeed in achieving this goal explain that they don’t feel any difference. In fact, they are better able to concentrate on their tasks in a positive manner.

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