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Interesting Ways to Get Rich Fast in GTA Online

A famous slang term Cash is King can never be any truer in the cruel and unforgiving world of GTA Online. The entire point of the game is to make as much money as a player possibly can. Just like real life, when a person has to work hard to earn a living – In GTA, a player also has to work his fingers off to be able to buy the Armored Vehicles, Luxury Apartments, and Private Jets. The multiplayer universe of GTA is huge, with plenty of opportunities for a player to have fun while getting rich.

The Hostile World of GTA Online

There is always an option to add real money into the game but where is the fun in that? The beauty of this multiplayer game is to test a player’s grit against other players. GTA Online world does not let anyone progress so easily. Many new players face lag while playing online on PS4 due to the increasing number of player base on daily basis. This issue can be fixed by improving the latency of PS4 but what about the large number of experienced players?

They have a sole purpose of embarrassing new players. So to avoid this frustrating scenario, a player needs to cement his legacy quickly.

Regularly Do Contact Missions

Contact missions are best way for a new online player to enjoy making money the easy way. These missions separate the player from the hostile world and let him focus on the task at hand. It means that player can achieve their objective without getting killed by a random dude with his fighter jet. These missions pay extra if player completes different challenges.

Rob A Bank

The most obvious choice for making money in a game that allow intentional crime is executing a perfect heist. To be able to pull off a successful heist a player needs to be on a high enough level and properly equipped. Generally, a team of 2 to 3 people with guns, armors, and whole lot of bullets are enough to carry out this heinous crime. If everything goes smoothly without anyone messing up, then the rewards could be as much as 400,000 an hour.

Follow The Stock Market

If players can understand how the stock market works in the game, then they can make serious money. Players can receive assassination mission from Lester which involves targeting high profile corporation leaders. After taking them out, stock market in the game goes through notable changes. Many players exploit these circumstances and invest in the damage to make continuous profit. A highly recommended method that everyone must try in GTA Online.

Don’t Waste Money On Luxury

As attractive it may seem, players must hold their urge to buy expensive cars, guns, and houses early on in the game. A garage full of exotic wheels is a must have but players are recommended to start from selling cars. Of course, there would not be any money to buy a car so a player would reluctantly have to steal. A vehicle warehouse can be bought where stolen vehicles can be secretly stored and then sold to the rich clients. The is a popular business in GTA Online to make some nice amount.

Becoming A Better Driver

There are several kind of races that offer great rewards. Players can test themselves in time of  trials or go head to head with other fierce racers in the world. Each racer can have the ability to customize vehicle as he pleases so new players are in for a great challenge. There are also premium races that require an initial bet of 20,000 to be able to compete in. If players can somehow win those races, they can earn up to 100,000 cash otherwise they can kiss that 20,000 goodbye. Being a better driver pays off at so many occasions in GTA Online.

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