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Giant Trump Blimp to Fly Over London During US Presidents’ UK Visit

US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK is once again making headlines. According to media reports, Trump is likely to visit Great Britain on July 13. And, left-wing activists have already prepared a giant Trump Blimp which they plan to fly over Parliament house, during POTUS visit to the UK.

Trump Blimp to Fly Over London

The giant orange-colored Trump Blimp, with tiny hands, is awaiting the permission of authorities to fly over London. The activists who have raised funds to make that 8 meters tall inflatable Trump effigy have also created a Twitter account for this creature. They are using this platform to promote their cause.

Here is what the account has to say about seeking permission from Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan on flying Trump’s effigy over government buildings.

Leo Murray who is promoting the campaign on social media has also told why the City Hall has refused to grant permission for flying Trump Blimp over London.

An Interesting Reason to Fly Trump Baby

It is interesting to note that activists are not using the traditional ways of protests like making the crowd raise slogans and hold the placards. But they have chosen to mock the POTUS by making a 6 meters long water of him and making it fly over London on his visit to tell him how Britains laugh on him.

Leo Murray who has created the campaign Let Trump Baby Fly has also cited a reason for using this different way of registering the protest.

In the explanation of his petition on, Leo says that Trump is a mortal threat to the world peace and very future of life on Earth as he is a danger to women, minorities, and immigrants. By talking on using a blimp, he says, “any moral outrage is a water off a duck’s back to Trump, but he seems to hate it when people make fun of him.”

Well, Leo is somehow right to point out what outrages the POTUS- Perhaps, it was the same reason of making a mockery out of Trump that had made him furious over Michal Wolff’s Fire and Fury.

A Crowdfunded Trump Blimp

It is interesting to note that activists raised money for this Trump Blimp via social media. They were able to meet their target within 48 hours. And according to Twitter page’s latest update, the Trump effigy has got enough money to travel with little Trump.

Trump UK Visit

Earlier, Trump had planned to visit the UK in May to cut the ribbon for new US embassy. But he had canceled his plans by citing the reason that new embassy was off-location and was a bad deal. But, critics questioned Donald Trump’s genius over the reasons for the cancelation of his UK visit. They also opined that POTUS was changing his plans given the anti-Trump protests that erupted in the UK upon his arrival.

But, it seems that London citizens are still braced to welcome the president of the United States by registering their protest against him in the form of a Giant Trump blimp.

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