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Young Girl’s Singing of Bulleh Shah in Melodious Voice Goes Viral

There is no lack of talent in Pakistan, particularly Punjab, fertile land that gave birth to Sufi poets and melodious singers. The fact reverberated once again in a viral video of a girl singing Bulleh Shah in her heart soothing voice.

Singing sufi poetry is not such an easy task, because of the deep meanings of lyrics and listeners high expectations from the singers.

Lahore Girl’s Singing Bulleh Shah

Viral video shows a girl, who is probably from Lahore, Pakistan beautifully singing Bulleh Shah’s poetry. The exact song was earlier sung by famous singer Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch with a title of Saiyaan.

Here is the video shared by journalist Amir Mateen.

And, so began social media’s never lasting applause for this girl.

What Fishel has said is something that makes sense. There are many out there who don’t understand the meanings of Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh and Khwaja Ghulam Fareed’s poetry but when they listen to it from Sufi singers then they get submerged in the feeling of ecstasy. Perhaps it is the magic of Sufi poetry and music that leaves an impact on the listeners.

What was so captivating about this girl’s voice was that she sang without music, something which is not possible even for professional singers.

Just Another Viral Pakistani Singer or What…?

Well, this girl is not the first to become a talk of the town for her brilliant talent. Earlier a 12 years old kid went viral for singing Dil Diyan Galan by Atif Aslam. Later, we saw a painter singer who made waves for his voice and even impressed Aima Baig. Now here is the cute young girl who definitely deserved praise for singing Bulleh Shah.

People are still curious about the girl and want to find her to know her opinion about music and where she wants to take her talent in future.

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