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Glenn Maxwell Misunderstands Indian Wedding Ritual as Theft

Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell recently married his longtime Indian girlfriend, Vini Raman, in a private ceremony. The couple shared their pictures from the event on social media. This cross-cultural wedding is causing some interesting reactions on the internet.

Glenn Maxwell Deals with Indian Ritual

An interesting piece of news about Maxwell has been making rounds on social media which sounds too funny to be true. As per this what seems to be a satirical piece Glenn filed an FIR after someone stole his shoe at his wedding event. It was funny for Indian social media because they knew exactly what he was confusing with theft.

It is actually an age-old ritual at Indian weddings in which the bride’s family hides the groom’s shoe to extort some money. Glenn Maxwell probably did not know about this, so he got the police involved. However, later it was revealed that nobody stole his shoe; he just had to pay a little fee to get it back.

How was the Wedding?

Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman got married on 18th March 2022. There are not many details about the wedding except some pictures on their Instagram profiles. Raman belongs to an Indian Tamil family and works as a pharmacist in Australia.

Maxwell will be seen representing Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in Indian Premier League Season 15 starting on 26th March 2022. The first match will be between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. RCB will play on the following day against Punjab Kings with Faff du Plessis as captain.

Maxwell is not a part of Australia’s white-ball squad in Pakistan.

It is Meant as a Joke

The part about Glenn Maxwell filing an FIR was a satire by those speculating the cricketer’s response to funny Indian ritual. They possibly come up with this to how Glenn would have reacted out of cultural shock.

One reason for such satirical news could be because Indian weddings are very different from western ones. Australia may be used to marriages that are wrapped up in one or two days, but Indian and Pakistani weddings could last for weeks. For instance, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s three-day destination wedding later became a long-running event in India with a lot of festivities. It might be grand for westerners since 3 days are already huge for them. Due to globalization and exposure to diverse cultures, the wedding events in the sub-continent are shrinking and trends to celebrate are evolving as per the preferences of individuals. What remains to be seen is whether cross-cultural weddings can make different rituals global or not.

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